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Amani ya Juu (Amani) means higher peace in Swahili. Amani is a fair trade sewing and training program for marginalized women in Africa. Women from many African nations and cultures are learning to work together through a peace that transcends cultural and ethnic differences. Amani is committed to holistic development. Women gain experience in purchasing, bookkeeping, stitching, quality control, management, and design. Emphasis is placed on ethical business practices and harmonious relationships with people of different backgrounds. The wide selection of high-quality handbags, home & kitchen décor, jewelry, and children’s items are made out of local African materials. 

Amani Kenya was the first Amani ya Juu center. Since 1996, Amani has expanded to five additional countries -- Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Liberia and the US. Amani Kenya has grown to employ over 100 women. These women are primarily refugees fleeing civil conflict in neighboring countries, or single mothers living in nearby slums. The Amani Kenya center is nearing its 18th birthday. Renovations are needed in order to maintain the beautiful facility that provides women with dignity and peace on a daily basis. On some days, hundreds of customers (mainly NGOs and expats) visit Amani Kenya since it has become a model of social economic development.  A clean, renovated center will provide a space that reflects the dignity that everyone---seamstresses, staff and visitors of Amani Kenya---deserves.

Adventure Life has generously agreed to fund several of our renovation projects! Check out some before shots below.

Distribution Room
Distribution Room (Emily Kirwan)

Women in the distribution room gathering their materials for the day.

The distribution floor needs new carpet!

Our Distribution Room before the new carpet.

Production Room
Production Room (Emily Kirwan)

The ladies stitching products in the production room.

The walls of our Production Room, where the ladies stitch, are in need of fresh paint!

Lucy and Jerita in Dyeing shed
Lucy and Jerita in Dyeing shed (Emily Kirwan)

Lucy and Jerita in the tie-and-dye shed.

Our tie-and-dye shed is in need of an upgrade.

The shop customers visit
The shop customers visit (Emily Kirwan)

Our shop, where customers come to buy products made by Amani women.

The roof of the shop needs repairs!

Water damage coming in from a leaky shop roof.

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