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Swimming with Glaciers

Hiking Alaska
Hiking Alaska
Yes, you read it right...swimming with Glaciers.

Today we are in Endicott Arm. We get to take the kayaks out to get a closer view of Dawe's Glacier. The sound the cracking ice makes is eerie. Watching the Glacier calf is even more amazing. We can't get too close as some of the chunks of ice that fall off cause great waves that have potential to capsize us.

We also have to beware of kayaking too close to the icebergs. They can turn over and be even bigger on the underside. The wind coming off the Glacier is also making it hard for us to keep the kayak in one place.

After returning to the boat, it is time swim amongst the Glaciers. It is exhilarating, it makes me feel alive. I have to do it two more times just to be sure I am still alive. Thanks goodness there is hot chocolate and a hot tub waiting for me.

Tonight we have the captain's dinner. The staff has gone all out with decorations, costumes and much more. The mood is slightly dampened by the swaying of the boat and breaking of glass as we hit some rough water. Thanks to our trusty captain, we make it to a cove where we anchor for the evening.

I can't decide if I am sad that it is our last night in this amazing place or if I am excited to go home. In the end, I think it must be a little of both.

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