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Daily Excursions at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge

Camp Denali and North Face Lodge are the sole proprietors in Kantishna with historic rights to guide travelers on hikes inside the Wilderness Zone of Denali National Park. So every day, these properties starts with a briefing of the day’s three excursion options. Each day has a difficult hike, a medium hike and a “foray”. Since there are no trails in Denali – all hiking is off-trail, through the tundra – none of the distances are ever particularly long. The differences between difficult, medium and “foray” trips is in the elevation gain, the terrain covered and length of time spent walking. 
Rainy Hiking in Denali
Rainy Hiking in Denali

Each group is led by an incredible guide, with a passion for the wilderness, the park, the wildlife and mostly a passion for sharing it with travelers. The joy with which they come upon animal tracks, or share a wildlife sighting, or enjoy a particular moment of lighting on a distant mountain, belies just how long they’ve been here. It all seems new and wonderful to them, just as it clearly is to the traveler.
Hiking in Denali
Hiking in Denali

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