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King penguin parent and chick
King penguin parent and chick
A simply awesome expedition to this area of the world and the ''White Continent''. Highlights included thousands of King penguins and their chicks crowding the beaches with elephant seals and fur seals on South Georgia Island. Opportunities to hike the mountain snowy slopes were many and we were rewarded with stunning snow-capped landscapes and breath-taking views. We visited the relics of 1800's abandoned whaling stations that once thrived on nearly wiping out the whale population in that area of the world.

On the Antarctica peninsula we were treated to a pod of Orcas hunting a seal on a small ice flow. Unable to dump the seal into the water, the Orcas gave up after 12 minutes, but the viewing was unbelievable. Of course, we participated in the ''Polar Plunge''. . . how could one not go to Antarctica and not go for swim? More spectacular landscapes, unique and massive iceberg sculptures, and thousands of Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins. Unpredictable weather and snow blowing sideways made you feel you were on a real expedition to this southern frontier.

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