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Last day

It's hard to belive this could be our last day on the island. Time flies, especially when it is spent with family in a place like this. We set up a half day fishing trip and our local guide, Claude, met us at 730 sharp. We took off from the dock with our first mission - locate the sardines we needed as bait. We chose to hunt red tailed snapper over trolling for barracuda since the latter only allowed two to fish and the action would be better. It wasn't five minutes before we saw pelicans dive bombing the water, a sure sign of baitfish. With some awesome cast net skills, Claude soon had us armed. It was a short ride to the fishing spot where we were joined by several local boats. Julie wasted no time boating the first fish, and it was nonstop for three hours after that. Claude and i baited hooks as fast as we could and fished in between and when the girls took breaks. A group the day before had brought home 30 fish and the girls were determined to beat that number. Well, that wasn't a problem, since we brought home over 90 fish! That will be enough blackened snapper for all the guests, the staff and Claude took home a load for his family too. The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming, snorkeling and shelling. Julie and i paddled a kayak to a sandbar several miles offshore, something we will feel tomorrow I'm sure. Now it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy our final Belizean night before heading home to the tundra.

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