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Immerse yourself in distinctive tropical charm as you cruise highlights of the Caribbean, from the “Nature Island” to the “Isle of Spice.” The landscapes you’ll see are sure you leave you in breathless appreciation—beautiful waterfalls, towering mountains, fertile green valleys, miles of beaches—yet you’ll also learn about the colonial history, music, folklore and cuisine of each island. Enjoy the spectacular pastels of the Caribbean while sailing into the sun along famous pirate routes. Travel from Bridgetown, Barbados through the islands of Grenada, Bequia, St. Lucia, Jost Van Dyke, and more, concluding your journey in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Explore colorful Bridgetown, BarbadosThe crystal blue water of Jost van DykeSt George's Harbor - GrenadaBeautiful beach in DominicaExplore beautiful Jost van DykeTake the time to explore St. Lucia
  • Visit Grenada, nicknamed the "Isle of Spice"
  • Relax in the royally approved Princess Margaret Beach
  • Explore the "barefoot island" of Jost Van Dyke
  • Enjoy the beauty of Montserrat, nicknamed the “Pompeii of the Caribbean”
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Day 1: Bridgetown, Barbados | Embark

Bridgetown, the captivating capital of Barbados, combines faded colonial history, captivating tradition, and vivid white beaches plucked directly from your richest imagination of Caribbean perfection. Recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to its beautifully preserved colonial architecture, Bridgetown’s mask of modernity covers a core of complex history and fascinating culture. Sherbet-colored buildings line up to overlook the waterfront of the Constitution River at the "The Careenage" - where gleaming ships bob on the blue water, and peaceful strolls along a wooden boardwalk await. Stop for a sobering moment at the commemorative plaque honoring the people traded at this spot, when Bridgetown was the British Empire’s most important harbor and the first stop on the Transatlantic Slave Trade crossing.

Just five minutes stroll from here is Carlisle Bay - a postcard-perfect place where you'll find crystal-clear, turquoise seawater glowing in the Caribbean sun, and a mile of soft white powder sand. A treasure trove for divers, the shipwrecks scattered below the shallow water’s waves are now inhabited by turtles and swirling, rainbow-colored tropical fish. Head to the backstreets, where street food vendors serve up spicy chicken soup, barbecued pigtails, and thirst-quenching coconut water. There are bargains aplenty to be had on Broad Street, where duty-free malls and souvenir stalls cram together, vying for your attention. Roebuck Street is the spot where one of the Caribbean’s favorite drinks, rum, was discovered - having been created here from the by-products of the island’s booming sugarcane trade. Nowadays, it’s lined with bars splashing every variety of the deliciously spicy dark libation imaginable into glasses. For a touch more culture, visit one of the oldest synagogues in the Americas - Nidhe Israel Synagogue, which was built in 1654. The adjoining museum tells the story of Barbados’ Jewish immigrants, who were instrumental in the island’s development.

Day 2: St. George's, Grenada

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
With beautiful seascapes, lush vegetation, and intense natural ingredients, the Isle of Spice has the perfect recipe for a flavorful visit. A true sensory experience, St George's is famous as the world’s second-largest exporter of spice, nutmeg. Just as much of a treat for the eyes as it is for the palate, its jungled mounds, idyllic white-sand beaches, and turquoise Caribbean seas are a glorious sight to behold. Thrilling waterfalls pour through the rainforest, while banana and cocoa groves spread wildly across the island. Grenada’s capital rolls down to an attractive waterfront decorated with pretty floral buildings, Georgian architecture, and picturesque terracotta roofs. Breathe in deep at the spice market, where the freshest ingredients fill stalls. Heaps of fresh nutmeg, vanilla pods, cinnamon, and cocoa beans all add to the colorful mosaic. Dip into the waters of Bamboo Waterfall, or venture to Grand Etang, to explore the rich and fertile interior of this scenic island, where mischievous mona monkeys explore treetops and a collapsed volcano holds the waters of a glorious caldera lake. If all of that exploring sounds like hard work – don’t worry, the island is skirted by some of the Caribbean’s dreamiest visions of seaside luxury - from famous natural beauties like Grand Anse Beach to secret stretches hidden amongst the palm trees. Soak in the vivid colors, best enjoyed with an iced cocktail and a taste of the locally distilled, spiced rum punch.

Day 3: Bequia

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
An almost mythical utopia of virgin beaches, rustic rum shacks and bays so scenic you feel like you’re intruding - Bequia Island is an island mirage of Caribbean perfection. This is the real, unspoiled experience - and with just 6,000 locals living here, you quickly start to recognize the same smiling faces, welcoming you with outstretched arms. Offering glorious - often deserted - beaches of pure golden sand, and hillside sweeps of forest and almond trees, Bequia Island is an extraordinary feast for the senses. Unlike some of the flashier Caribbean islands, Bequia - a part of the Grenadines - is a rustic, unassuming, and off-the-beaten-path choice. The staggeringly picturesque natural harbor, Admiralty Bay, greets you on arrival and is peppered with day-tripping yachts bobbing on the gentle waves. The island’s tiny capital, Port Elizabeth, sits behind, with its bustling fruit and vegetable market, turtle sanctuary, and stalls selling hand-crafted model ships. This tiny, pretty island is ridged along the center, and you can earn your beachside bliss with a gentle hike to the top of Mount Peggy, looking out over views of Grenada and St Vincent. At just seven miles long, you can discover the whole island in a few hours – but that would be to miss the point somewhat. Bequia Island coaxes you in to slow the pace and soothe your soul on blissful beaches, where you can revel in the uncomplicated joys of sitting, reading, and swimming in heavenly shallow waters. The royally approved Princess Margaret Beach is one of the finest - an arching band of soft sand and cobalt-blue waters. As evening sets in, you may find you’re beckoned to share with communal barbecues of the day’s fresh catch with the locals or to indulge in rum-heavy cocktails at beachside bars, lashed together from sea-blanched wooden limbs.

Day 4: Castries, St. Lucia

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Explore a land of vibrant color, from the tranquil turquoise water that surrounds it to the verdant green peaks of its famous soaring volcanic plugs - The Pitons; which give this mesmerizing island its form. Waterfalls thunder in the jungled interior, should you successfully drag yourself from St Lucia's gleaming beaches and dive spots - where patchworks of the colorful fish dance below the waves. Offering the picturesque island luxury of your wildest dreams, St. Lucia is a cinematic, thrilling Caribbean idyl. Marigot Bay served as the tropical backdrop for 1967’s Doctor Dolittle film, and the island's amiable animal life is never too far away - spot flashes of bright red, as parrots zip between palm trees, before catching sight of dolphins splashing playfully offshore. Vigie beach is a charming spot to lie back and recline in the sun’s glow, watching as overlapping layers of mesmerizing blue hues intertwine. St. Lucia’s iconic Pitons mountains deliver as the perfect backdrop to any envy-generating photograph - rising up exponentially from the calm waters like sharp shark fins. Castries is this heavenly island’s capital, and while the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception may seem a little humble from the outside, the soft sounds of soulful hymns emanating from within are sure to draw you in. The astonishing interior glows with bright frescoes, lit up by the sunlight that spills inside, and atmospheric rows of flickering candles. There's a more rich Caribbean color to behold at the ramshackle Castries Market, where you can take handfuls of fragrant spices, like nutmeg and cinnamon, and enjoy the singsong ritual of bartering, as you move between tables heaving under bounties of green bananas and rosy mangos.

Day 5: Roseau, Dominica

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Raise a glass to the immaculate surroundings of Roseau, where beautiful beaches - alive with fine bubbles fizzing upwards from the geothermal activity below - wait for you. Dive into extraordinary snorkeling and diving experiences, amongst thriving marine life, active corals and live volcanoes concealed below the waves. With attractive volcanic sands to relax on and glorious, jungled mountains to explore, Roseau is an intoxicating welcome to Dominica's Caribbean island appeal. Nestled on the west coast, Roseau is the island’s capital and a city surrounded by sprawling banana plantations, and cocoa fields. First taken by the French, then the British, a strong colonial imprint mingles with the local flare. Nowadays Old Market Square is crammed with locals trading huge vegetables, colorful fruits, and handmade jewelry - but the square has a darker past, and was the center of the island's slave trade. Head up to the former British fort, which offers a panoramic, postcard-perfect view from the top, of Roseau and the lush green mountains behind. The large botanical gardens offer more magnificent views, and you can walk amongst thriving tropical plant life, as parrots flutter, and add splashes of color to the greenery. The rainforest around the city conceals rich wildlife and waterfalls spilling into splash pools, while plantations give a taste of the island's heritage. You can also discover the second-largest hot spring in the world - Boiling Lake - which brews with angry volcanic activity in the steamy Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The hiking and snorkeling can take its strain - so simmer away any stiffness in a mineral-rich hot pool, or by indulging in a rum punch or two.

Day 6: Little Bay, Montserrat

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
As one of the Caribbean’s most dramatic islands, Montserrat has always done things a little differently. While the rest of its neighbors were busy promoting tourism in its masses, Montserrat was content to sit back and stay in the (metaphorical) shadow. The island remains relatively undeveloped for the archipelago, with off-the-beaten-path beaches, hidden creeks and so much natural beauty that we fully expect this little island to soon become the next go-to eco-tourism destination. Much of Montserrat’s discretion is because it is governed by seismic activity and has endured more volcanic eruptions than any other Caribbean island. These have earned it the nickname the “Pompeii of the Caribbean”, understandably so, as much of the main city was covered in ash after the 1995 eruption. The cause of this is the mighty Soufriere Hills volcano, dormant since 2010 yet still spewing sulfur and smoke. However, it is not all doom and gloom and Monserrat’s other nickname is “the emerald isle”, is not only because of its lush verdant forests lined with lime trees and palms but because of its coasts bear a certain similarity to Ireland. And yes, Guinness is available! Montserratians are optimistic and fun-loving and Little Bay locals are the perfect example. Set at the very tip of the island, the town is intended as the new capital, and is being enhanced with the modernity one would expect of such an honor. Little Bay beach is without doubt one of the most beautiful in Caribbean and is a tonic for the soul.

Day 7: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Glowing turquoise waters, lazily blowing palm trees, and pristine white sand beaches – it's all waiting for you in Jost Van Dyke's picturesque Caribbean splendor. Slip off your shoes, you won't be needing them too much in these parts, as you wander soft, heavenly sands, and paddle out into impossibly clear waters. The island escape of choice for dallying yachts, which visit to soak up the off-the-beaten-path good life. Join them around the pristine beaches of this tiny celebrity magnet of an island. If this is your first experience of the Caribbean's splendor, you may be a little skeptical about the reality of those famed, shockingly bright colors that you see in photographs. If so, Jost Van Dyke will be loved at first sight. Splash into water that glows with a bright teal hue and is blotched with occasional swells of deeper royal blue. Snorkelers will adore the explosions of colorful fish beneath the waves. White Bay is a slice of island perfection, with a neat hill of trees framing a sandy sweep of shaded beach bars. There's nothing for it but to indulge on a bed of soft pearly-white sand, and soak in the staggering beauty of it all. The wander up to Majohnny Hill is the most exertion needed to explore this four-square-mile island, and it's worth it to see the heavenly beaches emerging from tranquil waters below. Even the natural sea formations here encourage you to unwind, with waves gurgling and frothing over the rocks to create Bubbly Pool, a natural jacuzzi. Jost Van Dyke has a reputation as the off-the-radar island getaway of choice for celebrities like Keith Richards. A lot of that comes down to the calypso charm of its rustic beach bars - especially the legendary Foxy's Bar, which is run by island legend Foxy Callwood. Rum-drenched cocktails and icy buckets of beach beers await - sure to get you into the island’s party spirit in no time.

Day 8-9: At Sea

  • Ship
  • 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.

Day 10: Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Disembark

  • 1 Breakfast
Miles of sandy beaches, lively outdoor events, and a charming web of waterways help to make Fort Lauderdale a relaxed, vacation capital of Florida. The excitement is palpable, as cruise ships and gleaming yachts gather in the harbor ahead of adventures and luxury journeys across the waves. Soak up the relaxed atmosphere in the canal-laced 'Venice of America,' as you enjoy big label shopping on Las Olas Boulevard - or visit fancy restaurants and bustling art galleries. For a wilder experience, the swampy wetlands of the Everglades sprawl away nearby. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a lively stretch of sand, bordered by palm trees, and sprinkled with crowds enjoying the Sunshine State's generous weather. The charming promenade of red-brick tiles extends right along the beach's length and rumbles with passing rollerbladers and cyclists. Flick across the waves while paragliding, or relax with a coffee or a margarita in a beachfront bar, as volleyball games play out in front of you. For a quieter beach option, Olas Beach lies a little down the coast towards Port Everglades and has extra space to spread out and tan on acres of smooth white sand. Spot the backs of alligators waiting patiently, and the toothy grins of crocodiles patrolling the murky waters of the Everglades – the USA's biggest tropical wetlands. A haven of extraordinary wildlife, birds wade through its swamps, and black bears and panthers roam its wilds. Take to a plane to appreciate the full scale of the national park or purr along exploring its waterways in a fan-powered boat.


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