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Adventures in Central America! \ Photos

Holding a boa constrictor at the Belize Zoo
Black tailed deer
Natural tropical setting at the Belize Zoo
Spider Monkey
Ryan looking for more monkeys
Tapir - Belize\'s national animal
\"Pops\" the toucan
Beautiful hibiscus flower
Jaguar - not looking so friendly
Old Man Monkey
Oscelot taking a nap
Hey pretty birdie
Giving me a piece of his mind
Exploring the beautiful grounds of the Belize Zoo
Polly want a cracker?
Francisco making friends
The lodge at Pooks Hill
The small seating area in our cabana
Our cabana at Pook\'s Hill
The resident lizard living in our thatched roof
View from our cabana down the hill into the excavation site
Hector leading the way en route to ATM!
Leaf-cutter ants blazing their way across the jungle
So excited for ATM!
All geared up and ready to go
The entrance to ATM - Actun Tunichil Muknal
Ryan\'s eager to jump in and get started
Scorpion Spider - a foot of creepiness watching us pass
A vast collection of pots from ancient mayan ceremonies
The mayans believed breaking pots would release souls
Mayan sacrificial pottery shards inside the ATM cave
Detailing on a Maya pot inside the ATM cave - the "Monkey Pot"
Human remains from a Maya sacrifice lay calcified on the floor of the ATM cave
Scattered bones - washed into a pile by heavy rain water
Spectacular cave formations
Hector and our group entering \"The Cathedral\"
The Crystal Maiden encased in glittering limestone
En route in the ATM cave
Ryan responds to the \"Alligator\"-said to guard the interior
ATM is fantastic!!
Scorpion in the bed - now that was a bug story....
Canoeing on the Macal River
Dense foliage, alive with the sounds of the jungle
Returning into San Ignacio on the Macal River
Loving life on the Macal River
Handwinched ferry across the Mopan River to Xunantunich
Almost across....
Entering the main complex at Xunantunich
An ancient weathered stella and altar
The gumbalimba tree - or \"tourist tree\". Can you guess why?
View from the top of El Castillo
Friezes decorating El Castillo
Looking down into Xunantunich from the top of El Castillo
We\'re soaking it in from our vantage point!
From the top of El Castillo
Its a looooong way down!
Another view of El Castillo
Exploring the ancient ball court
A well preserved stella - commemorating an important leader
Hector explaining the maya calendar
The Roaring River at Pooks Hill - Red Cliffs swimming area
Jungle beauty
Hanging out in the rainforest
Emerge from dense jungle into this pristine meadow at Pook\'s
Office at Pooks - smoke above means its hot water time!
The excavated mayan residence on the grounds of Pooks Hill
Ladies doing wash on the banks of Lake Macancha, Guatemala
The shores of Lake Peten Itza
Welcome to Tikal National Park
Exotic beauty
Swarms of curious Coati Mundi
Danielo tells Ryan a tall tale
A mock of the infamous Star Wars scene - Ryan\'s loving it!
Incredible view from the top of Temple IV in Tikal
Happy to be at Tikal National Park!
Dense jungle hides ancient secrets
Holding up the Temple of the Sun
A coati mundi joins us
Ryan exploring an excavated residence
Family portrait
Jungle has reclaimed the original north entrance to the city
Ryan beginning the hike to the top of Temple V
Almost there.....
Impressive Temple V
The Grand Plaza
Posing in front of Temple I
Temple of the Three Masks
A row of stella and altars - the Mayan history
Our cabana at Pooks Hill on a misty morning
The view from the front of our cabana
Brilliant colors
Our balcony view at SunBreeze Hotel - Ambergris Caye
Ryan enjoying island life
The \"alarm clock\" outside our room
Ryan enjoying a lazy balcony breakfast
Soaking it in.....
Quaint streets of San Pedro..watch out for the golf carts!
A slice of life on Ambergris Caye
Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Park
Grumpy looking black grouper
There\'s a puffer fish down there...
Sea Turtles!
Sinister looking ray disguised in the sand
Schools of fish hanging out under our boat
Ryan gives Hol Chan two thumbs up, snorkel
So many fish....
Swimming in a Caribbean aquarium...
Nurse sharks on their way.....
Exploring the barrier reef on the way back to Ambergris
Here's to the island life!
Locals prepare to sell their wares
View of San Pedro from the pier
Our Tropic Air flight
Incredible views below as we head to Belize City
Sandwiched in our mini-plane, we\'re heading home!

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