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Adventures in Guatemala \ Photos

Sheree at Mixco Viejo
Mixco Viejo is located 40 miles from Guatemala City
40 miles is close in TX but it took 2 hours to get there
Mixco is a beautiful site and well worth the trip
Most of the site has been reconstructed
Mixco was one of the last Mayan cities to fall
The brick work reminded us of Comalcalco in Mexico
Sheree on the pyramid.
Phil at one of the ballcourts
Mixco\'s mountaintop location aided in its defense
There\'s a model of the site under the palapa
Our road from Mixco varied from a newly paved road
To a nicely graded dirt  road
To a rutted path
Our room at Ram Tzul in the cloud forest
The bamboo forest
Ernesto our guide for the hike
The first  waterfall
The  area was so verdant
The big water  fall from the mirador
Sheree at mirador
Chicoj Coffee Cooperative near Coban
Phil gets hooked up for the zipline
The first zipline goes over coffee plants
Two of the ziplines went over water. Crocodiles??
Gloria explains the coffee making process in perfect Spanish
The  orchid nursery and Sergio, our driver
Hotel El Recreo - it looks a bit rustic
Our very rustic room
The best way to escape the heat?
The road to Semuc Champey
Semuc Champey en espanol
First view of the pools
Beautiful tropical plants
View of lower pools
Other side of lower pool
Middle pools of Semuc Champey
Another view of middle pools
Farm next to Chilasco Falls trail
Chilasco Falls trail
Exploring the forests of Guatemala on foot
Red mushrooms
Sign for Chilasco Falls lookout
Trail to mirador
View of Chilasco Falls - the photo doesn\'t show its beauty
Sign to saltito- another waterfall
Wendy at saltito
Saltito Waterfall
Sheree\'s hand and butterfly at saltito
A great place to rest & cool off
Wendy at saltito
View of area around saltito
Rural transportation on dirt road to Chilasco
Hotel Aurora- patio
Hotel Aurora
Antigua main square.
Phil\'s first shoeshine - off main plaza
Antigua arch with volcano in backgroung
Antigua street scene
Volcanoes are visible everywhere - it seems
Ruins of a church
Close up of the church
Indian market in Antigua
Wow, look at that pinata!
Antigua market
People going to the market
Sheree outside of Restaurant 7 & 7
Ummagumma- a Pink Floyd album
American clothes by the pound
 Sheree and Lake Atitlan lookout
Hotel Dos Mundos in Pana
The rooms are set off the main street
La Lanterna Restaurant - yum!
Dos Mundos pool
Our room - it had a safe in it-  Sheree liked that!
We delivered our books and art supplies here
Solola Falls - pretty spectacular due to the rain!
Solola Falls- no hike needed to see these falls
Solola plaza on market day
Solola plaza and view of church on left
Sheree bought a beautiful blue apron from her.
Solola church
The only photo of Phil and Sheree
Inside the church
Stone baptismal font from colonial days
Inside the church
Stained glass in Guatemala
Solola market and Railroad building seen from church
Railroad building and Solola market
Woven bag vendor
Traditional and modern clothes
Do you want to buy a  CD?
Embroidery thread
 used American clothes- sweaters & sweatshirts
Lots of shoes!
Jaime, our driver and Sheree at Dos Mundos
View from boat traveling to San Juan
Our pilot
The boat, pilot, and Hugo on Lake Atitlan
Sheree on the boat in dock at Pana
San Pedro volcano
Reeds near  San Juan dock
San Juan- Artist\'s coop on left
The picture we purchased with instruments.
Picture in the cooperative.
The mayor of San Juan beautified the town
Murals beautify San Juan.
Most houses were newly painted and trash cleaned up
Herb cooperative
One of many murals in San Juan
Fancy tuk tuk with real doors
First weaving co-op we visited
Using the big loom - natural color threads
Mural on the side of a house.
Pounding the cotton to make it thinner
Making thread
Using hand loom
Another hand  loom
More murals in San Juan.
Video arcade in San Juan
 Santigo de Atitlan- Maximon
Maximon has candles, flowers, food, and incense
Phil asked to have Maximon make his back feel better
Maximon needed more candles to help Phil
Givinng Maximon a drink to help Phil
Lake Atitlan from Panajachel
Women washing clothes in lake - Santiago
Santiago - scene at lake\'s edge
Playing soccer in Santiago
Phil & Hugo rode in the back of a truck like this one.
Jewelry maker in Santiago de Atitlan
Weaving a bracelet in Santiago
Walking to Pana\'s dock
View on road to San Francisco el Alto
Used American clothes at San Francisco
Sheree and Hugo walk down hill in SF
Vegetable vendors in SF
San Francisco market
Lots of fruits
Crowd at San Francisco market
Want to buy a cow? The San Francisco del Alto market
Piglets for sale!
Baskets held ducks, turkeys, puppies, and  kittens
Livestock for sale at the San Francisco del Alto market
I love my two puppies!
SF is the only market selling large animals all of the time
Beautiful cloth for huipils. Available in 5 yard pieces
Blouses and fruit
Clothing made in nearby factories
Public wash area near SF
Public washing area in valley outside of San Francisco del Alto
San Andres Xecul church
The San Andres Xecul church was repainted in 1999
A guitar player!
San Andres Xecul
Inside San Andres Xecul church
We were late for the Almolonga market
Almolonga Market is known for its vegetables
"Take our pictures. We want sweets."
Almolonga market
Almolonga market
Cantel Clothes factory- a huge factory!!
Zunil valley vegetable  farms.
Church in Zunil valley
Pension Bonifaz in Xela.
Church in Xela's main square
View from Xela\'s main square
Rey Gitano traveling Circus
The tigers provided sound effects.
Chicken bus in Xela. Gas was priced by the gallon.
Sheree outside of the Pana Rock. They have good food!
Sunset Bar in Pana with the best margaritas we found.
Japanese tourists have trouble communicating.
View of  Lake Atitlan from Panajachel.
Model of Ximche ruins.
The  Spanish allied themselves with the Kaqchiquel at first.
Iximche ruins, founded in 1463. It was the Kaqchiquel capital.
Iximche ball court- it was small compared to others
Hugo and Sheree outside Hotel Aurora in Antigua.

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