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Awesome Antarctica \ Photos

Stunning views at Pleneau Island
Delicious empanadas for lunch (and cheap too!)
Standing in front of the Presidential building in Buenos Aires
The cathedral in Buenos Aires that the new pope is from!
Inside the Buenos Aires cathedral
Inside the Buenos Aires cathedral
Inside the Buenos Aires cathedral
The colorful "La Boca" district of Buenos Aires
The colorful "La Boca" district of Buenos Aires
Our beautiful room at Las Cauquenes in Ushuaia
Cape Horn Brewery- in the store room
Cape Horn Brewery- getting a tour from the owner
Cape Horn Brewery- Equipment and Process
Cape Horn Brewery- Tasting Time!
Cape Horn Brewery- So fresh and tasty!
Cape Horn Brewery- Trying all the styles of beer via the bottles.
Cape Horn Brewery- Yes, that is a green beer that is made for a local Irish pub.
Cape Horn Brewery- This is the owner of the Brewery. Such a passionate brewer!
Cape Horn Brewery- Me and the owner.
Cape Horn Brewery- This is a label maker and the only thing they do by machine!
The view from our hotel in Ushuaia
Another view from our hotel in Ushuaia.
One of the many hot dog places in Ushuaia. Don't go for a convenience store vendor: Poor choice!
Tierra del Fuego- The train at the End of the World
Tierra del Fuego- Another shot near the train to the End of the World
Tierra del Fuego National Park- the southern most national park in the world!
By not taking the train, our guide let us know that we could walk through the park and explore!
Exploring Tierra del Fuego National Park
More exploring of Tierra del Fuego National Park
Exploring Tierra del Fuego National Park
More exploring of Tierra del Fuego National Park
The post office at the End of the World in Tierra del Fuego!
History lesson of Argentina through maps in Tierra del Fuego.
Tierra del Fuego post office. We got a stamp in our Passports!
Tierra del Fuego: The center of this photo is Chile.
Tierra del Fuego: Across the lake, right behind our heads, is Chile!
At the end of the last road in the End of the World: Our guides gave us a celebratory toast.
Tierra del Fuego: Cheers to the End of the World!
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Tierra del Fuego National Park: the farthest south you can go by land.
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Meeting at the pier in Ushuaia to board our ship!
Embarking our ship in Ushuaia.
Our suite on the Sea Spirit in Ushuaia.
Another view of our suite on the Sea Spirit in Ushuaia.
Ushuaia: Our bathroom was a nice size for a cruise ship.
Ushuaia: We even had our own private balcony!
Ushuaia was beautiful! (And cold)
Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia: Standing on the deck as sailed away from the pier. Such a beautiful place for the End of the World
More beautiful views as we sailed through Beagle Channel
Beautiful night to be on Beagle Channel
Friendly warnings about entering rough seas. Time to work on our sea legs!
The Drake Passage: Taking seasick prevention pills and putting on a patch.
After two days of sleep and sailing, we spotted our very first iceberg in Antarctica!
A warmer day then expected but very windy! You can see Antarctica behind me!
My brother and his first views of Antarctica
Getting fitted to kayak while learning about the dangers of kayaking in Antarctica.
Suited up! Just waiting for calmer waters to get out and kayak!
Our first landing: Barrientos Island, Antarctica
Penguins, penguins, everywhere!
Antarctica: Lots of Weddell seals enjoying the sun.
Antarctica: Hanging with the Penguins
Barrientos Island: Chinstrap Penguins
Barrientos Island: Gentoo Penguin
Barrientos Islands: Penguins in the water.
Barrientos Island
More of Barrientos Island
Barrientos Island
Barrientos Island
Barrientos Island: The penguins loved approaching my brother!
Barrientos Island: More penguin attention with my brother
Barrientos Island and our ship.
Celebrating our first landing at the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party
First kayaking day at Half Moon Island. It was cold and snowing thick, wet snow. BRR!
Half Moon Island: My brother went ashore and learned about penguins from our guide.
Passing through Neptune's Bellows to get into Whaler's Bay ( a sunken volcano cauldera)
Made it into Whaler's Bay and went ashore on Deception Island
Deception Island in Whaler's Bay
Standing on top of the volcano rim for views out of the caldera on Deception Island
Watching the volcano loom over us on the way back out of Neptune's Bay
Experience some rough seas that prevented landings so we whale watched from the ship
Beautiful scenery for spotting whales in Wilhelmina Bay
Spotted whales near Enterprise Island which is north of Nansen Island in Wilhelmina Bay.
The most beautiful gray skies I have ever seen in Wilhelmina Bay
Finally had calm enough winds to get out on the water and see humpback whales very close up.
Cruising around in the zodiacs checking out the whales, seals, icebergs and the scenery!
Heading out to Culverville Island for more land experience
Chocolate Extravaganza for dessert!
The best part of the Chocolate Extravaganza was the hand-made chocolate penguins!
Joined my brother on Petermann Island and saw LOTS of Gentoo penguins.
We saw an Adelie penguin! This was one of the 4 we saw on our trip around Petermann Island
Petermann Island: So beautiful
Another shot of Petermann Island with penguins hunkering behind a rock for wind protection.
Petermann Island: This penguin was getting covered by the snow
Gentoo penguin on Petermann Island
Hanging out on the rocks at Petermann Island
Living the dream of experiencing Antarctica!
More penguins on Petermann Island
Proof that we had an hour-long snowball fight on Petermann Island before heading back to the ship.
Pleneau Island: home of the "Iceberg Graveyard"
Pleneau Island: Iceberg Graveyard
The waters were finally calm enough for the kayakers! Go team Kayak!
Team Kayak!
Weddell seals lounging on the ice at Pleneau Island
Silence surround us as we kayaked around Pleneau Island. Soaking in the peace of Antarctica.
Kayaking in Pleneau Island - Iceberg Graveyard
Pleneau Island: Taking a look back at the boat. Puts the grandeur of Antarctica into a nice perspective.
Blown away by the stunning colors of the ice at Pleneau Island
We got to plop into the water after kayaking: Would have been better if my suit had zipped properly. Brr!
Pleneau Island: Iceberg Graveyard
My brother was one of two people to take a private tour on Pleneaus Island!
Pleneau Island: Dragging our kayaks back to the ship
My brother collected an iceberg while on his tour of Pleneau Island
This is a piece of an iceberg taken from Pleneau Island
It was Mad Hatter's Sea Party BBQ on the deck. Check out our goofy hats!
And this is the deck five minutes later. Oh weather!
Enjoying the view from our private balcony.
Pleneau Island: Iceberg Graveyard Sunset
Pleneau Island: Sunset
Pleneau Island: Iceberg Graveyard Sunset
Amazing sky at Skorntorp Cove in Paradise Harbour
On our way to Paradise Harbour
Kayaking in Skorntorp Cove
Beautiful day to kayak in Skorntorp Cove
Another beautiful shot of the gray skies against the icebergs
Skorntorp Cove: It was full of "bergy bits" that were chunks of ice that broke off icebergs
More bergy bits in Skorntorp Cove
Our kayaks in line at Skorntorp Cove
Spotted our first leopard seal of the trip in Skorntorp Cove!
A closer look at the Leopard Seal.
Another picture of a leopard seal.
Our kayak group split up to discover more of Skorntorp Cove
Sitting on my own listening to the sounds of ice crackle and move around me. So cool!
Heading back to the ship from Skorntorp Cove in Paradise Harbour
Our official first step on the actual continent of Antarctica: Almirante Brown Station
Hauled myself up to the top of the mountain for a view of Almirante Brown Station
Almirante Brown Station: On top of the mountain!!
Having such an amazing day at Almirante Brown Station
More penguins in Paradise Harbour at Almirante Brown station
Almirante Brown Station: Officially on the continent of Antarctica!
Made our way into Anvord Bay, as people went ashore, the kayakers took off  Neko Harbour
Anvord Bay- Neko Harbour. Incredible scenery! Loved all of the mountains in this harbour.
It was so quiet in Anvord Bay, we could hear the thunder of glaciers calving in the distance.
Anvord Bay- Neko Harbour: A little gentoo taking a look my way as he passed by.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Looking in the direction of two humpback whales.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: We got really close the whales! A mom and her calf.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Just sitting on the glass-surface water, listening to the whales.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: We go so close that we could literally smell their breath! Amazing!
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: We ended up listening to 3 different pairs of whales and saw lots of penguins!
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Penguins attempting to hop onto icebergs!
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Absolute peacefulness in hearing all of the sounds of Antarctica. So surreal!
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Set foot on land one last time.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Beautiful views. Hilarious penguins sliding on their bellies!
Anvord Bay - Neko Harbour
Neko Harbour: One last picture before heading back to the ship.
Neko Harbour: Enjoying amazing views form a hill.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: One last glimpse of the whales from teh zoidac.
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: Another close-up of the whales from the zodiac!
Anvord Bay-Neko Harbour: This mother dove in the water and swam right underneath our zodiac!
Our trip isn't over yet! Since we had calm waters, they gave us the chance to do the Polar Plunge!
Polar Plunge: Must be on an Antarctic high because I was SO excited to do the plunge!
Polar Plunge: All suited up and toasting to the Polar Plunge!
Polar Plunge: The crew suited up too. Maybe a sign that we don't need to be jumping in the water?
Polar Plunge: My brother went first, so I waited on the gangway.
Polar Plunge: They described the water as "not ice" as I was strapped into my harness. Here we go!
Polar Plunge: Here is when I realized that I wasn't just jumping in...I had to swim to the other zodiac!
Polar Plunge: Getting ready!
Polar Plunge: This does not look fun...
Polar Plunge: Still not ready...
Polar Plunge: Almost there!
Polar Plunge: And here....
Polar Plunge: ...I go!
Polar Plunge: No turning back now!
Polar Plunge: Going down!
Polar Plunge: A shot of my impact from the zodiac. Check out my brother in the background.
Polar Plunge: Into the icy abyss
Polar Plunge: And I'm in!
Polar Plunge: So cold, so cold!
Polar Plunge: Swimming for the other zodiac!
Polar Plunge: Halfway there!
Polar Plunge: I can't swim fast enough.
Polar Plunge: I made it!
Polar Plunge: I've never been more happy to climb in a boat.
Polar Plunge: Ready for warmth!
Polar Plunge: Get me out of here!
Polar Plunge: This is where they tell me I have to swim BACK! What?!
Polar Plunge: See the suprised look on my face?
Polar Plunge: I can do this!
Polar Plunge: Still swimming.
Polar Plunge: And still swimming. Almost there!
Polar Plunge: Telling myself to just keep swimming.
Polar Plunge: So ready for warmth.
Polar Plunge: And I'm really ready to be done.
Polar Plunge: So close!
Polar Plunge: So looking forward to this boat and its warmth.
Polar Plunge: I'm out! I did it!
Polar Plunge: My body is so numb that I don't even feel the cold.
Polar Plunge Champions!
Polar Plunge: Enjoying the sweet, sweet heat of the hot tub.
Antarctica: Our farewell cocktail night and dance party on the ship.
Antarctica: A map of the route we made on our journey.
Back in Ushuaia: Enjoying a cup of famous hot chocolate before we head back home!

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