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Santiago - Torres del Paine - El Calafate \ Photos

The beautiful cityscape view from our room at Luciano K
Our walking tour included a visit to the famous poet, Pablo Neruda's, house.
In true Chilean style, pisco sours with Dani to welcome us to Chile!
Bellavista - lovely neighborhood
Continuing the tour of Pablo Neruda's home. Quirky style!
Funicolor tram up to a great view of Santiago and Immaculate Conception Statue
Fanor, our wonderful guide, telling us all of the things about Santiago
Loved these views of Santiago!
Town square named "Little Lima" for all of the Peruvians who come to hang out together
Matetic winery!
Gorgeous day to have some Chilean wine...OK every day is a good day for Chilean wine.
Enjoy wine tastings
I taught Toby to love wine in Chile
The best meal we had on our trip was at the Matetic restaurant, Equilibrium.
I had as much ceviche as possible.
See? Best meal ever. This was a "short" rib.
On to colorful Valparaiso!
We rode an elevator to the top of a hill and worked our way down through the streets
Gorgeous Lutheran church
Rolling hills of color
What a gorgeous day to visit this beach city
So lucky to be here!
Toby loved the massive ships in the harbor.
Fanor said that Valparaiso has so much "soul". Indeed.
Even the boats are colorful
How I felt after that amazing lunch. And wine.
We ran down to Viña del Mar to stick our toes in the ocean. Beautiful day.
We had a really fun afternoon exploring Punta Arenas when we arrived. We found some Austral beer!
La Luna had amazing food. Stellar pisco sours, king crab bake, and leg of lamb
Walking along the beach revealed amazing art in Punta Arenas!
Lovely afternoon at the end of the world
Calafate pisco sour complimentary from Hotel Rey don Felipe!
The boat that took us to Magdalena Island! We're lucky we got a calm/sunny day.
Magellan penguins - cuter than heck
Awkward on land, experts in the water
Being a teenager is rough
The dapper three musketeers
Taking in the Patagonian sunshine
We made it to Marta Island as well! Lots of smelly sea lions and cormorants.
Sea Lions on Isla Marta
You could see the towers from the camp - amazing.
Bar dome, dining dome (lunch dome in the mornings) another dining dome, and the last one is where the cool kids are - aka, the guide dome.
I could. Not. Get enough of this view.
The bar dome is where our guides would brief us about the day before each night.
Our first day blew us away
Closest look I got of these beautiful granite peaks.
There are flamingos somewhere behind our heads and clear across the lake.
Our incredible guides; Sebastian, Pablo - who stuck with us all four days, and Zack.
Guanaco Seba!
Seba talking about the chemistry of dead lakes creating massive Thrombolites.
Thrombolites on the shores of Lake Sermiento
Our first Condor sighting!
And here at Laguna Azul, we met the WIND
Towers, blue water, and white caps
The guanacos didn't even notice the 50+ mile an hour winds
This was a dream come true to see this view.
Every angle was a stellar photo.
Our favorite Australian
Cascada Paine
Another beautiful day. Los Cuernos took my breath away.
In literal awe.
It was hard to turn our backs to take this photo!
Paine Grande and Los Cuernos in all of their glory
Breath. Gone.
We went on a short hike and I kept turning around to take pictures of those peaks.
Couldn't stop. Taking photos.
Until I saw this amazingly blue lake!
And we were off to Grey Glacier!
The boat, Lago Grey
Hello, Paine Grande.
Peter and Krista were our favorites. You can see why!
Beautiful Grey Glacier and the first one that Toby has seen!
Contrast of carved earth and carving blue ice
Lovebirds on ice
Just beautiful!
Aaaaand pisco sours. With glacial ice, of course.
Caverns of deep, deep blue.
Puma! #1
Puma #2
Puma #3, #4, #5. Amazing!
The food at EcoCamp was SO incredible. My favorite dish - octopus.
It was so much fun to meet two of my own travelers and share the amazing EcoCamp.
Day 3 - boat across Lake Pehoé to the French Valley
Lovely foxgloves!
Pablo. Dearest Pablo. Toby and I wouldn't have had the experience we did without him.
Fresh, fresh water straight from a glacier. Best water I've ever had.
Mountain flowers
Mystic trees from the 2011 fires
Suspension bridge over a raging river
Curious Patagonian finch
Go, Toby, Go!
Another woodland creature.
French Valley Glacier.
We were lucky to see an avalanche! I was too entranced to get the cloud, but here's the aftermath stream of snow cascading down the cliffs.
The lake became still as a mirror. Another rare Torres del Paine moment.
Just gorgeous
It's sad how beautiful those burnt trees are
Toby with his favorite Australian Peter!
Great hike
Upland geese!
Pablo introduced us to mate. I loved it!
He's a natural
We liked Pablo. Can you blame us?
Eagle perched on a hill top
The morning of the trek to the towers and my birthday, I had the yoga dome to myself!
I loved the yoga dome and session. So peaceful.
And we are off! 14 mile hike in the drizzling rain - I'll take it.
Beautiful day, but kinda wet.
The most I saw of the towers that day.
Then, the clouds rolled in even more
Goodbye, Torres del Paine. You've been great.
Our way back down, we were soaked, but happy.
It rained literally all day.
Hotel Las Torres! Just down the road from EcoCamp.
Another handsome Caracas
Champagne for my birthday from sweet coworkers. I'm spoiled.
Our last supper, shrimp and scallop fettuccine. EcoCamp food was amazing.
Calafate pisco sours for our last night!
EcoCamp spoils you on your birthday! Thanks Pablo!
Goodbye dome, suite, home - number 15.
Soaking up the last day we have in Patagonia
We're in El Calafate and they have flamingos too! Along with some lovely black necked swans.
El Galpon del Glaciar!
Obligatory horse ride
Our room had a lovely sitting room overlooking the lake
Toby's first ride. He was a natural!
Pure bliss!
I'm happiest on a horse. Look at that beautiful El Calafate Lake!
El Galpon horseback riding was just amazing. They let you go at your pace and level of riding. I galloped on Abba and Toby let Princesa walk him around.
Flamingos and horses.
Love these views!
And there it is, Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno! We saw some epic calving.
This glacier was amazing.
We had about an hour on the boardwalks to take in Perito Moreno's beauty.
Here we go! Big Ice Trek!
We're on our way to the Big Ice Trek, here is the minitrekking camp
Calafate berries!
We made it! Big Ice Trek camp. About 2.5 miles uphill. Now the fun begins.
Toby was impressed with the craftmanship
We scored another beautiful day on this glacier
A majestic condor flew right over us on our way to the glacier.
Look at that blue.
Our guide gave us instructions how to use and not use our crampons.
Just incredible blue in that glacier.
It was truly magical to be walking on Perito Moreno.
We felt like we were the only ones on this sea of ice!
We said farewell with some whiskey on glacial ice and chocolate.
Grateful for the gear we had with us! A dry sak to keep my camera dry and our Osprey bag to keep all of our food/extra clothes.
We are exhausted, but still in awe of this place.
Soaking it in
Thanks for the fun day, Perito Moreno.
Goodbye Patagonia! You've been swell.
A lone eagle on our way to the airport
Our last views of Patagonia - Viedma Lake and beautiful blue waters.

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