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We're not in Montana anymore, Toby

One thing my husband asked me when I was planning this trip was “Fran, you say that Torres del Paine is like a more rugged Montana and they have lots of meat like Montana. But, why are we going through the effort to go somewhere that’s so much like home?” It was hard for me to answer. The best thing I could do is just show him. Toby’s jaw dropped when we saw the incredibly beautiful peaks of Torres del Pain jutting from the flat plains. He whispered to me when we got into our cozy suite dome “I get it now”.
You could see the towers from the camp - amazing.
You could see the towers from the camp - amazing. (Franny Friesz)

The reason why we traveled thousands of miles and for over 24 hours was apparent and you only needed to see it in person. We entered into a world that we imagined Montana was like years ago when glaciers still hugged the peaks of the Missions. The lines where the glaciers powerfully carved the earth were still defined, the lakes surrounding Torres del Paine painted every different type of blue you could imagine, and the scraggly mountains continuously took my breath away. You see photos and think, wow, they really zoomed in, or geez that color was edited. False. Standing in front of the landscape made me realize how easy it was to capture its beauty. Toby and I came away in awe of Torres del Paine and honored for having the opportunity to see it in full glory each day. Whether it was windy, raining, sunny, or cloudy, you couldn’t have a bad day exploring and learning from your guides – eyes popping out in wonder around every corner.
Breath. Gone.
Breath. Gone. (Franny Friesz)


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