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When I returned home, I'm pretty sure my blood ran with Chilean wine. I've always loved wine and discovered pretty quickly that I like red wine the most. We were lucky to sample wines from white to red at Matetic. I honestly enjoyed each one! The Syrah, they explained, was grown in such a way that gave it a more smooth and robust taste. Fanor, our guide while we were in Santiago, taught us some fun facts about wine. He said when you taste a wine, you should slurp in air to oxidize it and discover its true taste. He taught us that a white wine was truly aged well if it has a golden color. A red wine, if it carries a brick red color when swirled in a glass. And, if someone gives you a cork to inspect at a fancy wine restaurant, you shouldn't smell it (I'm so un-refined, I'd probably lick it). Fanor instructed us to squeeze the cork. If it's been properly stored, the cork should feel slightly spongey from the moisture that's been retained in the bottle.
Champagne for my birthday from sweet coworkers. I'm spoiled.
Champagne for my birthday from sweet coworkers. I'm spoiled. (Franny Friesz)

Wine at EcoCamp flowed freely like the streams from each glacier we passed on our hikes. Not only did you get a welcome pisco sour if you returned before 7 PM each night, but you would also have a never-ending glass of wine with dinner. I discovered quickly that I loved all Chilean wine. It was easy to be buzzing as we walked back to our dome each night with the generous helpings of wine that we couldn't resist. I even taught Toby to enjoy the wine! He's never liked wine during our 5 years of marriage until after this trip. Now, every time we go to the store, we eagerly seek out our newly favorite Chilean red wines. 

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