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Indulge and immerse in the splendor and spirit of the lake at Titilaka. Surrounded by stunning scenery and astounding Andean geography, Titilaka's contemporary design integrates with the natural environment, paying homage to the ancient Titicaca, origin of the great Inca culture.

Eighteen fully serviced lake-view suites feature heated floors and spa bathrooms, with large oversized tubs and massage showers, plus an array of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Here you will find a haven for re-energizing after a day of excursion by boat, mountain bike, hiking or car — the choice is yours. Explore the Andean communities on the islands of Taquile or Uros; visit the archeological sites of Chullpas de Sillustani and the splendid colonial churches in the towns of Juli, Pomata and Lampa; or simply absorb the spirit of the region.

The Experience
Prepare to be overwhelmed; expect to be completely at peace, connected with the timeless spirit of Lake Titicaca, surrounded by intensely blue sky and water.

The all-inclusive experience begins at the Juliaca airport. Welcomed by a guide and a driver, you travel by Land Rover or similar across the amazing altiplano, bypassing Puno's congestion and going directly to a picturesque wharf. Boarding our motorboat, cruise to Titilaka's secluded peninsula. Your experiences concierge will tailor your itinerary, according to your preferences. Activities range from contemplative to adventuresome, including:

Mountain biking, Land Rover or similar or kayak explorations • Highlands treks & birdwatching • Taquile, Amantani & Uros Islands• Chullpas de Sillustani • Colonial churches • Local village tours • Relaxation & renewal, in a sacred place of timeless spirit.

At dusk, pause and consider cocktails on Titilaka's waterfront terrace, watching the idyllic sunset give way to a velvet-black tapestry sprinkled with endless brilliant stars. Your intimate fireside dinner will be prepared with wholesome regional ingredients: fresh trout from the lake, alpaca meat from the highland plateaus and the famously varied potatoes and grains of Peru.

Modern-day architecture with indigenous touches, essentially integrating vital elements: fire, air, water and earth, into the cozy and opulent refuge for an unparalleled Lake Titicaca experience:

Private peninsula overlooking a 270 degree view of the lake • Contemporary lines and earthy colors in integrated spaces which reflect the peaceful, pure and simple life of the locals. Generous and panoramic
spaces that allow guests to view the tableau of the surroundings: sky converging with the lake, natural light and wrap-around terraces • 12 Dawn Suites and 6 Dusk Suites, all overlooking the lake. Furnished
with one king or two double beds, ample closet and individually controlled heated floors • Lake-view spa bathrooms with heated floors, fully equipped with extra-soft towels, handmade bath amenities, oversized tub, massage shower and towel racks • Suites are equipped with high-count cotton sheets, feathered duvet covers, extra pillows, safe, writing desk, cordless phones, mini bar and I-Pod dock • Lounge, dining room and bar, with wraparound terraces overlooking the lake • Fully equipped
communication center or media room with TV • First aid, oxygen available and 25-minute access to local hospital.

The boathouse: Situated just 50 meters (150 feet) from the lodge, it is fully equipped with canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and sunfish sailboats, allowing guests to spend time on the lake in any or all of the ways that they prefer. With our experienced instructors on hand, guests can now explore the lake around Titilaka, including the celebrated reed beds that are home to so many bird species, in complete safety. But the boathouse isn’t just a place to embark and disembark. Kitted out with comfortable armchairs and a fireplace, it is also a fantastic place in its own right from which to drink in the dazzling views of Titicaca day and night, but, perhaps above all, at sunset with a warming shot of pisco.


Dusk Suites: Luxuriate and lap up at the contemporary Dusk suites with an exceptional view of the vast Lake Titicaca, submerging you in its mystique and making you feel profoundly relaxed with its breathtaking highland landscape. Bask in the suites' modern facilities: heated floors, banquette overlooking the lake, fully equipped mini-bar, I Pod dock, personal safe, multi-purpose table, black out curtains and mirror. You can also enjoy the living room, centralized lighting switches, telephone, desk reading lamps and overhead bed lamps and coffee table. Bathrooms are also equipped with heated floors; double sink console, large wall and dresser mirrors, shower with tub, separate bath tub, and ecological bathroom kit, wall telephone in the toilet, hair dryer and a bench. The double beds measure 2.70 meters of wide per 1.90 of length; and the additional bed measures 1.10 of wide per 1.90 of length (bed twin).

Dawn Suites: Rest and relax at the Dawn suites with a magnificent view of the immense lake, submerging you into its mystique and comforting you with its breathtaking beauty. These comfortable suites are equipped with heated floors, banquette overlooking the lake, fully equipped mini-bar, I Pod dock, personal safe, multi-purpose table, black out curtains and mirror, telephone, centralized lighting switches, overhead bed lamps, coffee table, and electric kettle. Bathrooms are also equipped with heated floors; double sink console, large wall and dresser mirrors, shower with tub, separate bath tub, and ecological bathroom kit, wall telephone in the toilet, hair dryer and a bench. The King bed measures 2.20 meters of wide by 2 meters in length; the double beds measure 2.70 meters of wide by 1,90 meters in length; and the additional bed has 1,10 meters of wide per 1,90 of length (bed twin).

The hotel's services are the ultimate in careful indulgence and lavish pampering in the highlands, with as follows:

Include breakfast, lunch and dinner (also available, in-room dining and breakfast in bed) • Transfers from airport or train station -welcome/send-off service • Choice of excursions by boat, car, bike or trekking; nature discovery, living history, archaeological sites and the spiritual traditions of the highland plateaus • Concierge, excursions and trip planner • Welcome gift • 24/7 room service • Complimentary wireless Internet access • Check in 12 m. and check out 10 a.m.

Additional Services at extra charge:

24/7 laundry service • Inter-active social responsibility and conservation program • Private guides in other languages (French, Italian or Portuguese) • Private guided A la carte excursions • Private transfers with bilingual driver • Special events and celebrations • International phone calls • Child Explorer Kit • Additional bed • Medical services • Nanny services • Additional bar consumption.


Quarter Day Excursions:

Rowing through the Reeds: Take a paddle boat tour through the totora reeds on the lake near the hotel. The totora reeds are aquatic plants used by the locals for different purposes ranging from construction to food. Just like land, the reed areas are divided among the villagers, who every so often harvest them for various uses. The reeds also provide a special ecosystem for birds such as wrens, grebes, moorhens and egrets.

Inca Anatawi: Your excursion starts with a ride by car towards the south of the Titilaka refuge, then a light ascent on foot to a rocky mountain to reach the remains of an Inca Trail, where some polished stone seats were finely carved in large rocks, a vantage point for enjoying the panoramic view of the vast lake. After the descent, visit the local community for a brief rest and view their colorful textiles.

Socca Beach: Walk towards the east of the Titilaka refuge, through a peninsula to visit the rustic town community of Socca. Continue the tour through the broad sandy shores of the Lake Titicaca, between wetlands and farms where you can appreciate the agricultural practices of the locals and learn about their customs; a place to relax and behold the unique sceneries around the highest navigable lake of the world.

Bird Watching Lake Titicaca is part of the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, a conservation and protection of the Wetlands and its wildlife, where you can see more than 60 species, including waterfowl, shore birds and some others that are found inland. Depending on the season, you can see migratory birds such as flamingos, shorebirds, aquatic birds, among others, and resident birds like a variety of ducks, herons and grebes. Significantly, from the Titilaka Hotel one can see the Titicaca grebes (Rollandia microptera); endemic birds to the Titicaca Basin (Peru and Bolivia) in their natural habitat, which is in danger of extinction according to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The Bird Watching route shall be determined according to the season and location by monitoring the places frequented by these birds.

Half Day Excursions

Uros: Enjoy a guided visit to Uros floating isles on Lake Titicaca, located on the National Reserve of Titicaca on the Bay of Puno. Made from totora reeds, these Islands are home of the Uros community which pre-dates the Incan civilization. They call themselves kot-suña or people of the lake who claim to have "black blood", as they are consequently immune to the cold and consider themselves the owners of the lake and its waters. They continue living on the islands by fishing, weaving and now, tourism.

Titilaka Arch Take a familiarization walk around the Titilaka Lodge. In this excursion, see the community lifestyle adjacent to the hotel, observing residents in their daily tasks. Then ascend towards a stone arch, which is at the top of a hill from where you can see the landscape, a magnificent view of the lake, the community within and the idyllic environment.

Taquile Take a boat ride to the island of Taquile, where you can see the beautiful mountain ranges of Cordillera Real of Bolivia and its snow peaks. This traditional island is inhabited by islanders of Quechua origin, as opposed to the majority of population of Puno who are of Aymara origin. Taquile lives in its own world, completely detached from the rest of the world, maintaining their ancient Quechua traditions. Its scenery is stunning, red soil in contrast with the intense blue of the lake, the sky and a striking background of snowcapped mountains of the Cordillera Real. On the higher part of the island are remains of ancient stone buildings, somewhat like quarters and roads. One can also view stone tombs.

Sillustani Enjoy a guided excursion to Sillustani, a peninsula facing the Umayo lagoon, located at a short distance from Puno. It was a burial ground of the Colla tribe that lived in the region long before the Inca expansion. The tower-like structures known as Chullpas, which symbolized life and birth, are ancient and impressive tombs from the pre-Inca period that served as burial places for chiefs and important people. Later the site was inhabited by the Incas, who made their own version of these towers. That is why there are two types - the rough, smaller pre-Inca towers, and the smooth, larger ones made by the Incas. The biggest tower took about 50 years to be made and consists of rocks weighing anywhere from 2 to 6 tons. An interesting site to visit that combines archaeology, history and rustic landscapes.

Mountain Biking to Anatawi A high demanding difficulty level excursion where you take an approximately two hour ride on mountain bike through the communities around this area of Lake Titicaca, towards Inca Anatawi; chosen name for the remains of an Inca Trail built on the edge of a rocky mountain. The ascending up the Inca Trail is moderate and may have some difficulty after riding the bike; the view from the top is privileged and nearby, some seats were finely carved into a rock. After the descent you may take some refreshing snacks to recharge the energies spent and return by private car back to the hotel.

Local Festival Puno is the folkloric capital of Peru, a fusion of Catholic and Andean beliefs which have created an intense tradition of festival celebration as part of its culture and customs. Each feast involves an infinite number of dances and typical cuisine. Guests may visit neighboring local communities during its festival season according to the calendar of fiestas which we can provide upon request.

Perka: Start the excursion heading towards the totora reeds near Titilaka refuge sailing west, observing these aquatic plants that are still used by locals in their daily tasks. Continue to the shores of Chucuito Peninsula, with the opportunity to witness shore birds such as ducks, Andean seagulls, flamingos and grebes. Then visit homes of the locals and their nearby farmlands. Perka is a quiet community that practically does not have any connection with tourism but it is possible to enjoy its beaches and some aperitifs on the shores of the lake in a relaxing peaceful ambience.

Full Day Excursions

Uros and Taquile Islands: An exclusive visit to the private floating isle of the Jallahui family, far from the crowds that sometimes clog the other Uros islands. See how the three generations of the family live on the island of reeds — which they must continually maintain as their ancestors did before them — just 300 meters squared (3,200 square feet). Then journey to Taquile, a rocky outcrop in the middle of the lake that is home to Quechua villagers who continue to weave all kinds of elaborate, traditional clothing, including colorful hats and waistbands that tell their life stories. Lunch on Taquile, at Titilaka’s new exclusive outdoor “dining room”, on a ridge at one end of the island surrounded with sublime views of the lake.

Inca Anatawi, Amaru Muru, Juli and Pomata: The excursion begins visiting Inca Anatawi, taking a car heading towards the south of the Titilaka refuge and then a moderate climb on foot to a rocky mountain, to reach an interesting Inca Trail remain where some polished stone seats were finely carved in large rocks, a vantage point for enjoying the panoramic view of the vast lake. After the descent, visit the local community for a brief rest and view their colorful textiles. Continue the journey south to visit the doorway of Aramu Muro, believed to be an inter-dimensional portal by local shamans. Then, visit the beautiful colonial churches of Juli and Pomata, which were the center of evangelization of the highland plateaus. The churches brag striking architecture, gold-leafed altars, still maintaining remarkable paintings from the vice royalty era and massive bells that still toll up to today.

Lampa: Take a full-day excursion traveling through the cities of Puno and Juliaca to continue to Lampa; along the way you will see the typical Andean highland landscapes, scenery, intense blue skies, rivers and wetlands visited by Andean birds; locals in communities carrying out their tasks in farms using traditional tools and animals such as Andean camelids. You will also pass through Tinajani huge rock formations. Lampa is known as "The Pink City" and is a picturesque colonial town, where its people invite and welcome travelers with pride to visit its unique church with its striking and original architecture, mysteries and surprising past in their catacombs and a stunning replica of the famous sculpture "La Pieta" by Michelangelo. Visiting Lampa is also an opportunity for bird watching enthusiasts, where you can visit the nearby last remains of queñuales (Polylepis sp.) forest, endangered vegetation hosting interesting bird species.

Amantani: The beautiful island of Amantani is located a few kilometers north of Taquile, in front of the peninsula Capachica. It is almost circular in shape and is the largest island in the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. The transfer from Titilaka takes about one hour in a motor boat and as you approach the island, you can see its large mountains with its highest point, the Llacastiti peak. Situated 320 meters above the lake, it has interesting ancient stone structures used during the celebration of their festivals and rituals to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) honored every year as the source of their sustenance and agricultural livelihood. During the excursion get to know the locals consisting of about 800 families, whose prime source of living is farming, producing potatoes, tubers, barley and beans. Due to the existence of granite in Llacastiti, they use it to develop handicrafts.

Isla del Sol: Head south to Copacabana Sanctuary, crossing the Bolivian border for a short visit to the Cathedral and Main Square, before boarding the Catamaran Cruise Ship sailing to Isla del Sol or Sun Island, the legendary birthplace of the Inca Empire. Upon arrival visit the Inca Garden, Steps and fountain, then the Inti Wata Cultural Complex, the traditional medicine and Titicaca Reed Shipbuilders display centers, the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, a handicraft center, the Intica lounge and look out the largest variety of Andean Camelids. Finally board a huge traditional vessel for a panoramic visit to the Pilikokaina Inca Palace before sailing back to Copacabana and the hotel.

Tiahuanaco: This full day excursion will take you to visit the legendary Sun Gate of the Tiahuanaco culture, which is considered to be the cradle of all American Civilizations. Some of its pre-Inca buildings of the breath taking archaeological remain date back to 1580 B.C. After visiting the citadel, the excursion continues to the nearby museum filled with ancient objects and tools that stand as proof of just how advanced this civilization really was.

Private Sailboat: Experience the splendor and spirit of Lake Titicaca Sailing around Chuquito Bay, surrounded by a stunning scenery and outstanding Andean geography of the surrounding islands. This unique excursion includes the services of a professional sailor who will take you to see the most impressive panoramic sites of this part of the Lake.

*Some excursions must be paid locally
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