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Nuevo Cantalloc

Nuevo Cantalloc

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Nuevo Cantalloc is located about three kilometers of the city of Nazca, in the way of the road of Cusco, very close to the rectangular geoglyphs with the acute angle in direction of the Cerro Blanco, the highest dune of South America. Those geoglyphs are named "Nazca Lines", they represent the direction were the water come from that feeds the ancient Pre-Columbian aqueducts, the same which are bordering the walls of Cantayo.

The Cantalloc geoglyphs, as the Pre-Columbian aqueducts, Cerro Blanco, the Pampa of Nazca and the ceremonial center of Cahuachi are just some of the tourist attractions within few minutes from Nuevo Cantalloc. In addition, in less than a one hour driving you can do wonderful excursions along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to the generous nature that surrounds the spa and for the location close to the desert, Nuevo Cantalloc can be defined as an oasis. It is an oasis of peace where there is not traffic noise Where there aren't industries that contaminate the air; Where the fruit may be collected from the trees and be eaten, because it's not chemical treated. Where you can walk freely between horses of the Paso Peruvian, dairy cow, llamas, ostriches, peacocks real parrots, hummingbirds, and more domestic animals.

In the twelve hectares of the Hotel garden, there are more than seven hundred fruit trees from thirty different families. Neither the trees nor plants were treated with any preservatives or chemical fertilizers. The crops and the land are processed by following the teachings of biodynamic science inspired by the Conferences and the writings of Rudolf Stainer and by the homodynamic technique elaborate by Enzo Nastati and "L'Albero della Vita", "The Tree of life".

Many natural products cultivated inside are used for the preparation of dishes offered in the restaurant. From the eggs of Corral and the wheat bread of Condor, ortoproduct made by following the dictates of Biodynamic agriculture and cooked in a wood fire oven. From the table grapes, and mangoes, avocados, black figs, the nut, pomegranates, apples, pears, guanabanas, bananas, cherimoya, and lucuma are eaten. Also so many products of the bio-garden, like the marmalades of season, whole grains, natural legumes which are conserved in extra virgin oil can be found at the Hotel boutique. In the middle of this fertile land and privileged ground is located an architectural structure typical of the colonial Peru', which offers all the necessary services and so the guests can meet a real psycho physical balance.


* Some rooms equipped for disabilities.
* A library.
* Piano bar.
* Main private Restaurant for 120 people.
* A covered osteria.
* Piscina scoperta.
* Kitchen with typical dishes, Peruvian and International.
* Outdoor swimming pool.
* Circuit for jogging, cycling and horses de Paso.
* Dojo for kyudo.
* Private Heliport
* Rooms do NOT include television.

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Our guide and driver were very good with their knowledge and were very helpful with our questions. It was a very pleasant visit that would have been impossible to do on our own. Hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The special places we got to go to, like the kitchens, were great. Enjoyed the entire trip!
Meyer Smolen

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