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Huayhuash trek - 69 lake

69 LAKE - HUAYHUASH TREK Day 01: Huaraz – Cebollapampa (12 795ft/3900) – 69Lake (14 599/4450m) Day starts early at 7:00 am our private transport will pick you up from your Hotel after your breakfast. This transport will take us up to Cebollapampa Where starts the hike; from there hike follows by a wide marked route up to the Lake with a nice view of principal mountain of Cordillera Blanca as Chopicalqui, Huascaran North and South, Pisco, Yanapaccha, Huandoys peaks. 69 Lake is exactly at the base of Chacraraju. After relaxing and eating in such wonderful scenery, the group starts to descent by the same route down to Cebollapampa and then the same way to Huaraz. This hike is in Huascaran National Park. Day with approximately 5 hours drive and 5 to 6 hours walk. Day 02: Huaraz – Chiquian town – Llamac – Matacancha (14 104ft /4300m) The starts in Huaraz at 8:00am and after breakfast the group makes its approach in a private transport up to Matacancha. It takes about 5 hours drive with few resting stops. Already in Matacancha the group will meet the rest of the team; Arrieros (donkey driver), Burros (donkeys) and Horses. Matacancha is the place where the group will spend the first night. This day the group doesn´t walk at all. Day 03: Matacancha – Cacanan Pass (15 416ft/ 4700m) - Mitucocha (13 776ft/ 4200m). Day starts with the breakfast at 8:00 am and walk departs when the group is ready about 9 am. This day the group will walk up to the first pass which is Cacanan pass, already on the pass the view is impressive surrounded by green valleys, Pucacocha lake(red lake), and mountain such as Ninashanca and Rondoy. After while the group starts to descend and take different way from our Arrieros(donkey driver), Burros(donkeys) kind of short cut which we will follow directly to our next campsite at the blue glacial lake Mitucocha with spectacular view of Jirishanca, Mituraju, Rondoy and Ninashanca mountains. Day with 5 to 6 hours walk. Day 04: Mitucocha - Carhuac Pass (14 760ft / 4500m) – Carhuacocha (13 940ft/ 4250m). Breakfast starts at 8:00am and then the group start to walk follow the Janca valley for about half an hour where we begin our climb up to the second pass, Carhuac pass. At the top of our second pass we get our first views of the towering peaks of Jirishanca, Yerupaja, and Siula Grande mountains. The group descends to the turquoise colored Carhuacocha Lake famous for its rain bow trout and the reflections of the high peaks towering above. This is the time to catch some fishes for our dinner. Day with 6 hours walk. Day 05: Carhuacocha – Siula Pass (15 908ft /4850m) – Huayhuash (14 4104ft/ 300m). Day starts at 7:30am with breakfast and after getting ready the group takes another short way and the Burros and Arrieros takes longer way, so this pass will provide us a beautiful view of a hidden valley and lakes as Siula, Quesillacocha and Janrajanca. Those lakes are sitting at the bottom of the east side of Yerupaja and Siula Grande. During the ascension to the third pass called Siula pass, you will have one of the best views of the trek and the time to take good pictures. After resting and lunch the descend follow a nice green valley until Carnicero lake and then a short distance walk to farming houses of Huayhuash and our campsite. Day with 6 to 7 hours walk. Day 06: Huayhuash – Portachuelo Pass (15 416ft/4700m) – Viconga (13 448ft/4100m). Day starts at 8:00am and after breakfast the group starts to walk up to our fourth pass called Portachuelo pass, from the top of the pass we have an excellent view of the peak Puscanturpa, Viconga Lake and the next small range called Cordillera Raura. The lunch will be in the way down close to the lake Viconga. After lunch few minutes walk is the camping place. Day with 5 to 6 hours walk. Day 07: Viconga – Resting Day / Hot Spring Great stopping day in such beautiful place; you can spend the day lying in the grass taking shower at the Hot Springs or take a hike around of the camp or walk to Viconga lake. Day with option to hike or rest. Day 08: Viconga – Cuyoc Pass (16 072ft /4900m) – Huanacpatay (13 940ft /4250m). After good resting day the groups leaves at 8:00am Viconga camp, this day walk goes up to the highest point of the trek which is Cuyoc pass. From the pass we will have a spectacular panorama view of Huayhuash Mountain and Raura range to the south. After good enjoyable stop, the group continues descending until a nice flat area where the group stops for the lunch with spectacular view of mountains and Huanacpatay valley down. About half an hour later we will arrive to the campsite called Rinconada de Huanacpatay. Day with 5 to 6 hours of walking. Day 09: Huanacpatay – San Antonio pass (16 076ft/4850m) – Cutatambo (13 517ft/4120m) Group starts at 9:00am after breakfast, this day there is another sort cut walk to Cutatambo camp. The walk goes by a narrow valley up to the San Antonio pass. This pass is considered one of the stunning parts of the trek with splendid views on the snow-capped peaks of Huayhuash and the Calinca valley down. After resting and enjoying the pass our descend goes down close to Jurau lake and Trapecio mountain. Our camp will be in Cutatambo with impressive landscape and mountain views. Day with 5 to 7 hours walk. Day 10: Cutatambo – Visiting walk to Joe Simpson’s Camp Sarapo and Santa Rosa lakes. This day you will have the option of resting, hiking up to the following beautiful valley to have better views of the south face of Yerupaja or east face of Siula made famous by Jóe Simpson with his story made book “Touching the Void”. Options to hike or just rest at the camp. Day 11: Cutatambo – Huayllapa Town (11 811ft/3600m) – Huatiac (14432ft/4400m) This is an unusual day because the day starts with easy going down walk through Calinca valley until Huayllapa village in the middle of the circuit where you can buy some stuff and it is a very interesting village with some colonial architecture. After this rewarding visit; later the group continues ascending by a narrow valley up to our next camp called Huatiac. Day with 5 to 6 hours walk. Day 12: Huatiac – Tapush pass (15 748ft /4800m) – Cashpapampa (14 435ft/4400m) This day the group takes breakfast at 8:00am and after getting ready the walk starts going to immediately to Tapush pass. Where is possible to fine some pre-Inca constructions and it is home of some sheep farmers. From the pass we can see Diablo Mudo (mute devil), which is often climbed by mountaineers. After lunch and resting the group will descend down to our camping place which is Cashpapampa. Day with 5 hours walk. Day 13: Cashpapampa – Yaucha Pass (15 748ft /4800m) – Jahuacocha camp (13 451ft/ 4100m) The group starts as unusual at 8:00am; our first few minutes easy going down and after while we will star to ascent up to Yaucha pass. After the pass our Arrieros and Burros will go by the lower and longer way to Jahuacocha Lake; we will take the route over the ridge crest with a spectacular panoramic view of the main mountains of Huayhuash valley. While you are on the crest there are towering ahead of us Yerupaja (west face second highest mountain of Peru), Jirishanca, Rondoy and down below we have the wonderful view of turquoise-colored Jahuacocha Lake, where our campsite is day with 6 hours walk. Day 14: Jahuacocha camp – Visiting walk around Jahuacocha and Solterococha lakes. This campsite is one of the best places of rest and great opportunity for an exploration around of Jahuacocha and Solterococha lakes. Place where you can benefit from a relaxing day in such inspiring alpine scenery. Yourself decide your option. Day 15: Jahuacocha – Llamac – Huaraz This is the last day walk in Huayhuash circuit and we leave Jahuacocha lake after breakfast at 8:00am, the walk follows down valley for about an hour, then we go up to our last pass which is Pampallamac pass form where we will have a great final view of Cordillera Huayhuash and in the from Cordillera Blanca. After follows a long descent to Llamac village where our private transport is waiting us. Day with 4 to 5 hours walk and about 4 hours drive back to Huaraz.

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