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A Rest Day in Cusco

I had asked that this day be added to our itinerary, so that we could just rest and recharge. It was a good thing ! Unfortunately the same combination of Cipro and altitude now hit Dave, and he was really sick again. We were glad we had the day off, so he could stay in bed and keep drinking. The coca tea didn't hurt, either.

So I went exploring by myself, which I enjoyed. I went to the MARKET !, which was a great experience, especially past the souvenir stands to the meat aisle, the fruit aisle, the potato aisle, etc., and all the little booths. There was the coffee/chocolate aisle, where I bought souvenirs from a beautiful young woman with a baby on her back. In the clothing aisle, the vendors were at their sewing machines! How did they see in that light ? In the very back were the local equivalent of lunch counters, very busy with locals, including patrons in office wear.

Then I went to the cloisters of La Merced to see the solid gold, jeweled Custodia (which holds Communion wafers), and other beautiful things. The carved wood ceilings, doors, etc. were all marvelous to see. Just junk snacks for lunch was a fun change. Peruvian fritos ! and wandering around taking more pictures of the beautiful colonial buildings and those that incorporated the Inca foundations.

For dinner we ate at the hotel, where the food was fine. Dave came down, but couldn't eat. If he's not better by tomorrow, we may have to drop the last part of the trip, which would be disappointing, but we accomplished the main objective.

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