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gilligan's island

selling beautiful handmade items.
selling beautiful handmade items.
Today is a day full of new and exciting adventures! Upon waking in Puno we were whisked away by a chariot... a Tuk Tuk. That guy was thrilled by this particular mode of transportation! After picking up a few things at the market by the pier, this girl and that guy boarded their personal boat for the next day. The sky was a brillant shade of blue and the water was crystal clear. The first stop was floating islands of the Uros. This girl felt like she was walking on a water bed as she stepped off the boat and onto the island home of the islands. Each one of the 60 islands housed a family of 10-30. They lived, worked, hunted, fished and were schooled on their island. These islands are made and re-made from the totora reeds which provide home, sustenance and transportation for their residents. Every morning the islands have visitors, then in the afternoons the residents go about their daily lives. The leader of the island this girl and that guy were visiting, Lorenzo, was a gracious and caring host. He took them around his home, showing so many details of their lives with pride. This girl and that guy sampled local cuisine, tried to pet the flamingos, and even were invited into the living quarters of each hut. This girl could have spent all day learning more about their culture and way of life, but the clock was ticking and kayaking in Llachon was awaiting them! Two hours later, and ready to relax after spending time on Lake Titcaca, this girl curled up with a book while that guy got some sleep on their boat ride to Ticonata Island, a small paradise in the middle of the world's largest navigatable lake. Upon docking, this girl could not get over the beauty surrounding them. It was magic. The sky was warming up to let the sunset, but not before this girl and that guy explored the island and all it had to offer. Starting from the bottom to the top, the two journeyed through time... the mud huts they would be sleeping in, no power, sheep calmly enjoying their dinner. The only sign of civilization was the museum built at the far north corner of the island, housing female remains of its inhabititants from 1100-1400BC, pre-Inca times. The skeleltons were found just 4 years ago while digging out a new harbor. After spending time learning about this history of the island, this girl ventured back out near the coast, delicately selecting a few rocks and doing the best not to disturb this untouched part of the world. As if this day was not special enough, the travelers know they will be exploring Taquile Island for a day hike early the next morning. With thoughts of the past dancing in their minds, they drifted to sleep in their mud hut, and could not imagine being anywhere else but here.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. Martin Buber

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