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potato dish please!
potato dish please!
Not even a 6AM wake up call could dampen the spirits of this girl and that guy! After a few days of continuous rain and cloudy skies, the two travelers wake up to a warm and sunshine-y day, and just in time for their first excursion, white water rafting, with their tour guide extraordinaire, Juan. Their bags are packed, water shoes are on and they are ready to go! Upon arrival at the launch site, this girl and that guy suit up in wet suits and windbreakers and strap on their helmets. They know they are in a for a good time! Juan and that guy put the raft into the Urubamba River and the three are off! The rapids started out as Class I and II, then quickly escalated to Class III. This girl even fell, backwards thankfully, into the raft! The thrill of the rapids splashing up their faces while taking orders from their leader Juan, was an adrenaline rush! In between the sets of excitement they saw turtles, birds, ducks, snakes and even a bat cave! After a few hours, with the sun still shining bright, they came to their picnic area, where they shared one of many meals in their dining tent. With full bellies, and memory cards from their cameras, they began the drive back to Cusco to pack up for the next three days of mountain biking, hiking and camping. Now this is their kind of trip!

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. Samuel Johnson

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