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Bora Bora Wildlife

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Wildlife-rich Bora Bora

During your Bora Bora travel you will encounter a burgeoning wildlife population that is unlike any other. Bora Bora is a dormant volcano, which means that it rose out of the middle of the ocean millenniums ago and all of its wildlife has migrated to the island over the past few centuries. The few mammals that inhabit the island were brought over on ships by early inhabitants, including Bora Bora's healthy dog population. Most of the dogs do not have owners but roam the streets and coexist peacefully with the people and tourists on the island. There is a large number of exotic bird species, which the government of Polynesia has put protection on to ensure their healthy future.

Bora Bora has an incredible variety of marine life. Crabs roam the shores of the island while sea turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales tour the seas. It is claimed that there are nearly 500 different species of fish swimming around the Tahitian islands.

Bora Bora is exceptional in that it hosts the perfect conditions for a variety of manta rays to flourish. Snorkelers and scuba divers can easily spot the Gray ray and can even pet the species during the \"ray feeding.\" Your Bora Bora cruise will also provide you with the opportunity to watch professional divers feed reef sharks that grow up to five feet long.

Deep-sea fishing is a popular attraction on Bora Bora. With a wide variety and an abundance of fish that life off the island, anglers are rarely disappointed. Fishing trips usually yield Marlin, Yellow fin tuna, sailfish, wahoo and mahi mahi in great size and numbers.

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