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Fears Faced

MotMot Bird at Pooks Hill
MotMot Bird at Pooks Hill
This morning we leave Pooks Hill early with our guide Hector who is taking us to the ATM Cave. Let me say that the three of us traveling together each had our own fears about this. Claustrophobia, too narrow and dark, too strenuous. Kat gave us the total 411 on what to expect and Hector told us before we started that if one person could not handle it, no questions asked we just turn around and leave. We walked about 1 1/2 miles on a trail and crossed the river several times and finally got to the stageing area. We then swam about 20 yards to the opening of the cave, and off we went. Through the water, up over rocks. It was just the four of us in the cave, and so quiet. None of us asked to leave and we just kept on going. We kept climbing and got to the spot where you take off your shoes and go the rest of the way in your sox. We came upon The Cathedral Area. Stalagtites and Stalagmites, wide open, with ruins of pottery, sacrificial areas, skeletal remains. Simply awe inspiring, spiritual, amazing... When we got back to Pooks Hill other guests asked us what it was like as you cannot take pictures there. All I could say was strenuous, an adventure, and experience, a must do. This is something that will be forever imprinted in my brain,my heart and soul. I feel so accomplished that I was able to physically do this, and am so grateful that I did not chicken out and not go to ATM and well the spiritual part,well what can I say other than again, grateful.

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