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Snorkeling Adventure !!

Owl Butterfly, Pooks Hill
Owl Butterfly, Pooks Hill
This morning we were told that the dive company we were going to use, was still not going out due to Jelly Fish. We finally came up with a solution as other dive companies were taking divers out. The Blue Tang made arrangements for us to go in a glass bottom boat so we could see if there were any jelly fish. Much slower way to travel, but we ended up with a small group and our guide Metch, who has been doing this for many years, and so nice and helpful. Got to Shark Ray Alley, jumped in the water, which is so clear. The fish are so brilliant in color, the Nurse Sharks did not make me nervous as all, and Manta Rays everywhere. We then went to Hol Chan and saw turtles and groupers and tons of other fish. So beautiful and so worth it.
That was it as far as planned activities for today, not much else to do in San Pedro besides check out the town, shop and eat, at least for us.
We did a lot of reading from our balcony, and we did see some pretty interesting people go by us. See the pictures of the local in the pine tree and other local with some kind of mammal on his back :)

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