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All the greens in Monteverde

Today is the day that I will head out to Monteverde.  I got picked up early at my hotel and the first adventure for the day was crossing the Arenal Lake to cut short the trip going to Monteverde. The Lake doesn't have a proper dock but we are lucky it didn't rain that night otherwise, It would have been so muddy plus us carrying our items of luggage. We arrived at the hotel that I was staying at around 2 PM.

Lake Arenal dock
Lake Arenal dock (Petchie Colina)

The first activity that I did was embarking on a night walk in the Curicanha Reserve which is an enchanting journey into the heart of Costa Rica's nocturnal wonders. As the sun sets, the reserve comes alive with a symphony of sounds and the emergence of creatures that thrive in the darkness. Guided by the soft glow of the flashlight that the guide and I got, we traverse the well-maintained trails through the lush rainforest, where the air is filled with the distinct sounds of chirping insects and unseen wildlife. The night walk offers a unique opportunity to witness the fascinating behavior of nocturnal species, from vibrant frogs to elusive night-blooming flowers. With the guidance of our knowledgeable naturalists, I gained insights into the intricate ecological balance that exists in the reserve after dark. The experience is both educational and immersive, providing a glimpse into the mysterious and often overlooked realm of the rainforest during the nocturnal hours. As the stars twinkle overhead and the nocturnal symphony continues, the night walk in Curicanha Reserve becomes a magical exploration of the hidden wonders that come to life in the shadows of the Costa Rican night.

Curi-Cacha Reserve Map
Curi-Cacha Reserve Map (Petchie Colina)

In the morning, another adventure awaits for me. This time, I will be experiencing Selvaturra Park doing its nature walk and zip lines. Exploring Selvatura Park is a thrilling adventure nestled in the heart of Costa Rica's lush rainforest, the park provides a multifaceted experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. The nature walk takes us through nicely-maintained trails, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the rich biodiversity of the region. Surrounded by towering trees and the vibrant sounds of tropical wildlife, we gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate ecosystems that flourish within the park. The Park also offers an unforgettable ziplining experience, which I am glad I did not pass on. It allowed us to soar through the canopy with panoramic views of the lush surroundings, ziplining into 11 or more lines was a must-have experience.  The combination of these activities makes Selvatura Park a premier destination, providing an enriching and exhilarating encounter with Costa Rica's natural wonders. Knowledgeable guides ensure both safety and an educational component, visiting a perfect blend of adventure and environmental appreciation.

One of the hanging bridges in Selvatura Park
One of the hanging bridges in Selvatura Park (Petchie Colina)

One of the longest zipline in Selvatura Park
One of the longest zipline in Selvatura Park (Petchie Colina)

Gearing up for the zipline in Selvatura Park
Gearing up for the zipline in Selvatura Park (Petchie Colina)

In the afternoon, my adventure in Monteverde continues.  We went to the Don Juan Farm which offers Chocolate, Coffee, and Sugarcane Tour and we had a sensory journey through the heart of Costa Rica's rich agricultural heritage. Nestled in the lush landscapes, this fascinating experience offers a firsthand exploration of the intricate processes behind the cultivation and production of some of the country's most renowned crops. We delve into the art of chocolate making, witnessing the transformation from cocoa beans to delectable chocolate treats. The tour then transitions to the world of coffee, where we learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and roasting of the beans that make Costa Rican coffee globally celebrated. I don't usually drink coffee but they made me do it as I was so enticed with the process of making and I did not regret it. Additionally, the sugarcane segment of the tour unveils the traditional methods of extracting sugarcane juice, providing insights into the sweet history of this vital crop. Guided by experts, we not only savor the flavors of Costa Rica but also gain a profound understanding of the cultural and agricultural significance of these essential commodities in the region.  The best part of the tour was the taste test for me.

Samples of the chocolate made from Cocoa beans in Don Juan Farm
Samples of the chocolate made from Cocoa beans in Don Juan Farm (Petchie Colina)

Coffee bean in the Don Juan Farm
Coffee bean in the Don Juan Farm (Petchie Colina)

The Sugarcane Juicer in Don Juan Farm
The Sugarcane Juicer in Don Juan Farm (Petchie Colina)

Sweet sugarcane juice
Sweet sugarcane juice (Petchie Colina)

The memories created in Monteverde are truly unforgettable even with my new adventures!

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