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Undiscovered Monserrat

Kayaking in Mexico
Kayaking in Mexico
In the early hours of our cruise, we learned that the ‘scheduled itinerary’ of the ship was actually ‘the plan from which to deviate.’ This mindset suited me well, as,in my opinion, true adventure doesn’t come without surprise. Cruising one morning on our way to our next destination, our captain and crew took the opportunity to change course and sail into a different harbor. Our new destination was Isla Monsterrat, an island previously unexplored by the ship, crew, or company. Access to the island normally blocked by high winds, the weather conditions happened to be perfect. On deck, we eagerly watched as the guides from our ship took a zodiac to the island, then stepped into zodiacs, ourselves. What we found was a stretching beach with rocky coves, vibrant snorkeling, high views of the surrounding sea, and an abundance of white sand. Excitement hung in the air as we explored the island with our guides, half expecting to find buried treasure or the skeletal remains of a ship. In the end, we left the island not with diamonds or rubys, but with pockets full of seashells, high spirits, and a sense of ownership over our own jewel of Cortez.

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