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A Note from the Cachiccata Community in Peru

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Cachicatta Community

The people of Cachicatta community in Peru are primarily subsistence farmers and many augment their income by working as cooks and porters on the Inca Trail and other routes in the area. Adventure Life’s porters and cooks for our Peruvian treks come from this community. We provide on-going support to the community - the most recent community project focused on a waste management program to help educate and train these porters. Management of solid waste is a difficult issue in the Andes where there are few facilities to deal with waste discarded by locals and tourists.
From: The Community of Cachiccata For: Adventure Life Sending a huge, affectionate and marvelous holiday greeting from the ancient stonecutters of Cachiccata in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. For many years, Adventure Life has been part of our family and part of the effort to improve our quality of Life. For this reason and many others, we remember you in these special times. We think of how you helped the people of Cachiccata when we needed you. In these days of sharing and togetherness, we send the best wish of all- that 2008 will bring much prosperity for everyone at Adventure Life. Thank you so much for working with us. Happy Holidays

Klever Marca Coronel President of Cachiccata
For more information on Adventure Life's community development grants, click here.

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