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Balmoral Castle in Scotland

The Best Time to Visit the United Kingdom

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The best time to visit the United Kingdom is in the spring and summer between the months of May and August. Sunny days, many festivals, green landscapes, and pleasant weather greet those who travel during these times.

Many who go to England, Scotland, and Wales make the most out of their time by taking a cruise in the United Kingdom that explores one or more of these countries. The rich culture and historic sights present new perspectives that shed light on the people here.

At the tail end of spring, May starts off the oncoming summer season of festivals and events;  May 1st is when the country celebrates Labor Day. Starting in the middle of the month in London is “London Wine Week,” where over a hundred venues across the city host events ranging from tasting to ‘meet the maker’ evenings and masterclasses. Especially in early May, there will be a fair amount of rain in London, so be sure to bring a raincoat if you plan to be here during this month. Luckily, the rain is not an issue as the city is extremely used to it.

May in Scotland marks the beginning of the ‘Highland Games,’ a tradition that goes back centuries and has migrated from the Scottish highlands across the country, including the Isle of Skye.

In Wales, May 1st is a time when the city of Llandudno holds a Victorian Extravaganza in the northern part of the country. A street festival, fair rides, and people in Victorian costumes fill the town’s center. In May, Wales is only beginning to warm up so be sure to bring a warm jacket if you travel during this month.

Every June, the Queen holds the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle, where the knights of the order of the Garter proceed in lavish costumes from Windsor Castle to St. George's Chapel where the new knights of the order are confirmed. 

The city of Orkney in Scotland celebrates midsummer with the St. Magnus International Festival at the end of the month. This festival is a celebration of the arts; there are music, literature, and dance performances during the weeklong fete.

On Skomer Island in Wales, puffins reside in large numbers because they have just birthed their chicks and are busy tending to them before they leave in late July. More than 10,000 breeding pairs flock to the region, making it a must-see place to put on your wildlife and photograph bucket lists.

July in England marks the return of the Henley Royal Regatta, held on the Thames River outside of the town of Henley. Over three hundred rowing races are held over five days, bringing crowds from around the globe to watch one of the most well-known rowing events in the world.

The biggest highlands games in Northern Scotland are held in Inverness every July, bringing Scottish clans, more than a hundred participants, folk festivals, and highland dancing to the city, as well as thousands of onlookers.

Each July, the town of Conwy in Wales holds the Conwy River Festival that brings sailors from near and far to take part in short races over two weekends. Canoe and rowing races, rallies for motorboats and yachts, and events at local yacht clubs are a few of the activities that surround the sail races.

The Notting Hill Carnival happens in London every August, this carnival is Europe’s largest street festival that takes place on the last weekend of the month. This festival celebrates all things the Caribbean- with costumed dancers, big parades, steel drums, and food stalls serving tasty treats.

Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place over the course of the month in the capital of the country. Billed as the ‘World’s Largest Arts Festival,’ the streets of the city come alive with circus performers, dancers, theater troupes, musicians, and spoken word artists. 

Running throughout August, on the waterfront in the city of Cardiff in Wales, is the Cardiff Bay Beach. This pop up Waterfront Park features a massive children’s beach, carnival attractions, great food and drink, and live entertainment for family fun or a few hours of relaxation between stops on a cruise.

For more information about planning a fun trip to the United Kingdom that includes options for cruises and multicounty journeys, contact one of our travel experts!

England (London)
Month Average Temperature °F (℃) Average rainfall in (mm)
January 40.1 (4.5) 3.6 (93)
February 44.8 (7.1) 4.0 (102)
March 53.2 (11.8) 5.0 (127)
April 62.8 (17.1) 5.2 (132)
May 70.7 (21.5) 5.1 (130)
June 78.0 (25.6) 3.4 (87)
July 81.3 (27.4) 3.6 (92)
August 79.7 (26.5) 3.0 (75)
September 73.4 (23) 3.5 (90)
October 63.1 (17.3) 3.5 (88)
November 52.3 (11.3) 4.5 (113)
December 43.5 (6.4) 4.9 (125)

Scotland (Glasgo)
Month Average Temperature °F (℃) Average rainfall in (mm)
January 37.4 (3) 4.9 (124)
February 37.6 (3.1) 3.2 (82)
March 41.2 (5.1) 3.7 (95)
April 45.0 (7.2) 2.4 (62)
May 50.9 (10.5) 2.8 (70)
June 56.3 (13.5) 2.6 (67)
July 58.1 (14.5) 3.1 (78)
August 57.7 (14.3) 3.7 (95)
September 53.4 (11.9) 4.7 (120)
October 48.7 (9.3) 5.0 (128)
November 41.5 (5.3) 4.9 (124)
December 38.8 (3.8) 5.0 (126)

Month Average Temperature °F (℃) Average rainfall in (mm)
January 43.7 (6.5) 3.5 (90)
February 43.7 (6.5) 2.4 (60)
March 46.4 (8.0) 2.8 (70)
April 49.1 (9.5) 2.0 (50)
May 55.4 (13.0) 2.4 (60)
June 60.8 (16.0) 2.4 (60)
July 64.4 (18.0) 2.4 (60)
August 64.4 (18.0) 2.8 (70)
September 59.9 (15.5) 3.1 (80)
October 53.6 (12.0) 3.5 (90)
November 48.2 (9.0) 3.5 (90)
December 41 (5.0) 3.5 (90)

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