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Day 2

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm
I wish you could have seen all the smiling faces climbing off of the AeroGal plane. Each of us beamed, and then we got into line and secretly tried to catch a glimpse at the stickers we were given and proudly donning. The stickers that announce which boat you are boarding. We were all busy in our own heads thinking, "Oh, he's cute. I hope he is on my boat" or "God, help me if this rude idiot behind me is on my boat." I mean, everyone does that, right? It can't be just me. After a short bus ride we were ready to board the Eric. Here was our first of many sea lion sightings. After a nice swim under a perfect rainbow we SLOWLY worked our way to Kicker Rock. Our captain, Pablo, met us for a welcome toast. He then broke it to us that one of our motors was down and we would not be able to make it to Isabella and Fernandina. People were really yelling, and then they were really crying. We were mostly worried about the sea sickness that would follow from lack of speed and lopsided propulsion.

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