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Jon and Joan's Excellent Adventure in Ecuador \ Photos

Celebrating our 29th anniversary with a tortoise
Basilica of the National Oath
In the Basilica
Gargoyles at the Basilica
Jon at the door of the Presidential Palace
Ice Cream for sale
The great scarf saleslady makes a sale (to me)
A local family weaving in Quito
Motorcycle Police
Barbershop under the Presidential Palace
Above the Basilica ceiling
Climbing up from the Basilica ceiling
Last ladder to the top, it is a long way up there!
Basilica, view from the stairway
Ringing the bells in the Basilica
A broken stained glass window gave us a great view
Old city Quito, from the Basilica
Basilica gargoyles
Magical first view of Sacha Lodge
Birdwatching from the canopy walk
The bridge, can you believe we are above the canopy?!
View from the bottom of the tower
Just off the path at Sacha Lodge
Light rain on Anaconda Creek
Jon catches a piranha
Those are BIG teeth!
River traffic on the Napo
Our Sacha Lodge group on the way to Yasuni Nacional Park
Parrot at Yasuni Nacional Park - taken through a scope
Parakeets at the clay lick, Yasuni Nacional Park
That is a big leech!
Night walk tree frog
Night walk poison dart frog
The Great Kapok Tree
Orchid seen from a canoe ride through Lagartococha
Social spiders - there were hundreds!
A bright moon seen from the swamp
Breakfast at Hacienda Pinsaqui
Cascade de Paguche street scene, Coke is everywhere
Spinning yarn from alpaca in Cascade de Paguche
Otovalo Market
At Cotacachi Volcano National Park
Home on the way to Cotacachi National Park
Elementary school in the Otovalo area
Cuy (guinea pig) - I wish it did not come with the head
Wiring only an electrician can appreciate
29th anniversary roses (48 for $2.50!!!)
Double passing lanes
Say Yes to a New Constitution political sign
Bathroom air freshener for trying to dry smelly clothes
Pelicans in San Cristobal
In the harbor at San Cristobal
Galapagos - first night sunset
Waking up on our first morning in the Galapagos
Lava Lizard
Sea lion with scar around neck from human garbage
Sea turtle path to spot to lay eggs
Blue-footed boobie
Jon trying out a tortoise shell, it was heavy
A Darwins finch picking seeds out of Turtle dung
Red-billed tropicbird coming in for a landing
Our second Millenium Family
Great frigatebird
Frigatebird after a tiring courtship
Yellow Warbler
Marine iguana
Jon checking out the sea lions view
Galapagos penguin
Snorkeling buddy
Sea turtle
Hiding fish - a little spooky looking
Fishing penguin while snorkeling
Manta Ray
Land iguana
Sea stars
Waved albatross and baby
A waved albatross couple
Clever idea for an extra seat for a bike passenger
Your friendly orthodontist in Santa Cruz
Looking out into the harbor in Santa Cruz
Bird guano baked onto rocks, it looked like marble, Santiago
I cannot even begin to count
Do animals on Rabida claim there are paparazzi?
Baby pelican
Everyday the towels were arranged in a different way
Volcanic formations on Santiago
Survival of the fittest
Check out these  fins and lips
We wondered what left that track in the sand
Happy fish
Loading up the pangas
A game of Galapagos poker on the Millenium
Y= richness, B =sky & sea, R =blood spilled for independence

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