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Viva Ecuador \ Photos

silent scream
Gloria and Brownie at La Rabida
A street vendor peddles brooms in downtown Quito
Statue of Our Lady on Panecillo
Helen on Panecillo
Helen enjoys Mia Culpa Restaurant
seafood salad at Mia Culpa
approaching the basilica
Garden and basilica
at the Quito botanical garden
Quito botanical garden
Down the Napo R. to Sacha Lodge
Our private jungle balcony
the jungle from Sachas observation tower
smoothe billed ani in silhouette
cacao fruit in the Amazon jungle
Snail kite on our night canoe trip
formidable tree bark
tropical blossom, related to banana trees
squirrel monkey foraging
briefly stuck on a Napo R. sandbar
parrot clay lick Yasuni National Park
clay lick
clay lick
ladder-tailed nightjar
Kichwa shaman performs purification ceremony
boa constrictor near clay lick
Denise with "parrot beak"
With the piranha in L. Pilchicocha
mud boots drying on Sacha dock
giant philodendron leaf
black-mantled tamarin
entwined tamarins
In the butterfly house, Sacha Lodge
In the Sacha butterfly house
butterfly pupae
Caiman under the lodge
crested forest dragon
on the Sacha canopy walk
birding on the Sacha canopy walk
sunset over the jungle, from the canopy walk
Marco photographs crested owls through the spotting scope
Hoatzin near the lodge
Climbing to the kapok tree observatory
Many-banded aricari
crested owls
Sunning in the Amazon
A pair of floating caiman
red-capped cardinal
Sacha employees importing thatch material
philodendrons and palms
Helen fishing for piranha
Macaco's piranha
piranha, still not a keeper
caiman portrait
Base of a giant kapok tree
leaping squirrel monkey ferries her baby
preparations for final night barbeque
tarantula in the butterfly house
Macaco's botanical puzzle
a surfing sea lion, San Cristobal
San Cristobal  sunset
watching soccer through the bar window
sea lion strolls the sidewalk, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Lantana flowers in the Galapagos
ruddy turnstone among sleeping sea lions
sleepy sea lion pup
urban great blue heron
Andres points out Miconia
mating tortoises at San Cristobal tortoise preserve
giant tortoise hatchlings
giant tortoises in mud wallow
Helen under a poison apple tree
harbor, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
sea lions take over the landing
blue-footed booby, Isla Lobos
cloud formations over San Cristobal
Kicker Rock
swallow-tail gull
late afternoon at Kicker Rock
sea lion sleepover at Puerto Baquerizo Morena
Helen snorkeling
snorkeling with sea lions
cavorting sea lions
Galapagos shark and sea turtle
sea turtle, Kicker Rock
Sunrise sea lion
spider at sunrise
Sally I and Sally II
lounging sea lions
tortoise lunch
photographing tortoise
SLOW...tortoise crossing
It's a scream
saddleback patriarch Super Diego
land iguana, Darwin Research Station
cactus ground finch
venerable tortoises
female lava lizard
Galapagos flycatcher
a legion of Sally Lightfoots
denizens of the coast
looking for a handout
Whimbrels and black-necked stilt
kayaking Puerto Ayora
lava lizard takes a (slow) ride
Botox, anyone?
Downtown Puerto Villamil
Cesar's for lunch
Marine iguanas
Yellow warbler on the rocks
Marine Iguana
Sally Lightfoot
iguana pile
Mangrove reflection
Opuntia at sunset, Isabela
Galapagos orchid
rain on the palms
Galapagos carpenter bee on Brazilian tea
The immense caldera of Sierra Negra
steam from Sierra Negra
lava tube, Volcan Chico
hiking the lava field, Volcan Chico
fumarole, Volcan Chico
hibiscus after a shower
marine iguana on the sidewalk
swimming in the mangrove roots, Puerto Villamil
iguana crossing
American oystercatcher
oystercatcher at sunset
sunset, Puerto Villamil
Sunset, Puerto Villamil
pelican's eye view
unlikely comrades
vegetarian iguana eyes a fish tail
Puerto Ayora fish cleaning station
Great blue heron portrait
the sharpest beak rules the roost
expectant beaks
don't tread on me
morning catch
still life with fish head
Great blue heron in Puerto Ayora
pool, Divers Lodge, Puerto Ayora
The late Lonesome George in repose
Galapagos grasshopper
Galapagos mockingbird
trail to Tortuga Bay
sweat(ed) shirt
crab crevice
Iguanas on Portulaca Beach
Opuntia forest, Tortuga Bay
Lava lizard
medium ground finch?
opuntia internal water storage system
smooth-billed ani
black-neckedstilt, Tortuga Bay
pelican in mangrove, Tortuga Bay
Sally Lightfoot decked out in foam
taxi stand, Puerto Ayora
leaving Divers' Lodge
flamingo, Cerro Dragon, Santa Cruz
Coral I off Santa Cruz
land iguana, Cerro Dragon
Raindrops on opuntia needles
boobies in silhouette
young frigatebird tries to land on revolving radar scanner
frigatebird aboard the Coral I
sunset over Islas Guy Fawkes
storm petrel walking on water
Striated heron on the Rabida Island coast
blue footed boobies, eyes right
blue footed booby looking like a booby
striated heron, Rabida
Galapagos fur sea lions
booby posing
brown noddies
Flamingos on Rabida
Galapagos dove
sea lion couch
packed in like iguanas
Daniel leads the hike
Sally Light-Foot Crab
iguana eating algae
photographing iguanas
swimming iguana
hiking across the lava, Port Egas
sleeping fur sea lion
great blue heron posing
Galapagos hawk
Galapagos hawk, Fernandina
crab on an iguana pile
a little more to the right
A lava lizard catches a ride on the back of a marine iguana
Galapagos snake
Guide Jose barefoot on "aa" lava
armored army
The smile of the marine iguana
lava cactus, Fernandina
Lava cactus on Fernandia Island
in armor
dipping a claw
flightless cormorants court
flightless cormorants dance
the sapphire eye of the cormorant
drying vestigial wings
striated heron fishing
passing schools
Surgeon fish seen while snorkeling in the Galapagos
Watchful sea lion
Palo santo trees, Tagus Cove
Galapagos penguin, Tagus Cove
A magnificent frigate bird
preparing the equator initiation toast
tiquilia and Pinnacle Rock
frigatebird on guard
male frigatebird flyover
aerial combat
red sea star
deep-diving penguin
Bartolome, Pinnacle Rock
sea turtle comes up for air, Black Turtle Bay
trying on a giant tortoise carapace
Snorkeling at Pinnacle Rock
chocolate chip sea star
below the surface, Pinnacle Rock
neon colors
reef life
keeping cool
feast of cuy (Guinea pig)
AeroGal issues umbrellas to arrivals

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