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Relaxing at Tranquilo Bay

Everything at Traquilo Bay was organized and executed by the staff with such care.  We arrived to the lodge and walked down the dock, through the mangroves and up to the main lodge.  They welcomed us with an excellent lunch and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  
Dining area at Tranquilo Bay
Dining area at Tranquilo Bay (Lynessa Nelson)

Then we walked through the jungle to our private cabana behind the lodge.  One of the owners took us through and showed us all the amenities of the room and property.  They added a special water filtration system so that you could drink it out of the tap.  You didn't even have to worry about swallowing water in the shower!  Their AC was also eco-friendly and cooled down the room quickly.  Throughout our stay we had some muddy shoes and sweaty clothes to deal with.  Luckily, the owners of Tranquilo Bay had thought of this.  They cleaned your shows and put them in the generator house to dry (when left out in the humidity, your sandals would be just a wet the following morning).  Also, laundry was included in your stay.  We left a bag in the morning for housekeeping and it was available the following day!  They also had bug spray available on our cabana porch.  That was a relief because my travel-size bottle would not make it through the entire trip.
Our casita at Tranquilo Bay
Our casita at Tranquilo Bay (Lynessa Nelson)

For the honeymooners or those just wanting to relax in their cabin, the staff would pack a cooler of drinks and ice to take with them.  They were available in the main lodge as well if you had a hankering for a midday cocktail.  The Lodge was stocked with a wonderful library on the flora and fauna in the area.  They had posters along the walls so you could pick out each bird and frog you'd spotted that day on a hike.  The guides Natalyia (from Colombia) and Ramon (from Spain) were a wealth of knowledge on just about every topic or question you had.  The first evening at Tranquilo, we met Ramon at the top of the bird tower andwatched the pairs of parrots coming back home from a day out on the islands. The viewing tower was a unique and wonderful experience that brought you so much closer to the canopy tops to view the birds, sloths, or whatever else you found in the trees.
Bird viewing up in the tower
Bird viewing up in the tower (Lynessa Nelson)

Renee said that just about every guest at Tranquilo could see a sloth if they wanted to.  And the sloths did not disappoint us!  One day when we returned from our excursion to the beach, there was a three-toed sloth hanging out next to the cabanas.  It hung out and scratched and swung on it's tree limb as we took photos and video.  I didn't realize it before but Ramon explained that the sloths have different moths that lay in their hair and only breed in the evenings when the sloths come down from the trees and mingle together.  It was fascinating to think of that synonymous relationship - who thought of that?!  As we were watching the sloth, we could actually see the moths fluttering around as it scratched it's head.
three-toed sloth outside our cabin at Tranquilo Bay
three-toed sloth outside our cabin at Tranquilo Bay (Lynessa Nelson)


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