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Galapagos by land! \ Photos

Dont tell Jens - no im NOT really kissing him!
Our new friend
The booby on the side of the bus!
Kayaking around San Cristobal
Sea Turtle! He ran away
Frolicking with the sea lions underwater
rainbow kayaking at sunset
Taking in a Galapagos sunset
Arent we cute?
The snorkel man will get you!
Pedro and Fabio... funny pic!
us attempting a self snapshot
formation on northern San Cristobal
Marine Iguanas - they didnt even move
some lizard
Fabio with the sea lions
biking on Isabela
Our whole group! Most of us got the pink shirt memo.
My snorkel face
Happy iguanas sunbathing
Doesnt he look like he is smiling at you?
More marine iguanas, they were everywhere
Fabio being at one with the tortoise
blue footed booby going to the bathroom
jens jumping to his cold water doom
Jens jumping again.
Marcelo jumping, nice hand formation
blue footed boobies dive bombing into the water
blue footed boobies about to enter the water
Jens balanced an egg on a nail at the equator!
I did too!
Me, a cactus, and darwins bay
Fabio, me and Jens and Mr. Fred
tweet tweet
A pelicano! Jens got too close
a pool at Casa Opuntia on San Cristobal
View from Casa Opuntia
About to kayak on San Cristobal
Sea Lions hijacking a boat
Me and the sea lion bum under the park bench
a boat in turquoise water.. really i dont know whose boat
Kicker Rock, or Leon Dormido
Robin in her snorkel garb
Sharks... ahhh!!!! Just kidding, they were really deep
pretty fish
Kicker Rock, again
paella for lunch... yummy
Fabio and the sea lions.. again
kicking it on the beach with the sea lions
a sea lion trying to sniff Brendas knee
Jens feet, look how long those toes are!
our mini plane
the other mini plane..what an adventure!
us all crammed into said mini plane
our safari bus, before the mud
our view from our hotel on Isabela
La Casa de Marita
Robin and I about to tear it up
Looking for flamingos... no flamingos, but Robin sees a leaf
the wall of tears.. pile of rocks on Isabela
the wall, Hi Michael!
Robin and Brenda looking for pirates
jens biking
Galapagos penguins... look closely
sting ray...i will not hug it
happy iguanas again, in a pig pile
A flamingo, yes that pink dot, it is a flamingo
Horseback riding on Sierra Negra
The Late Lonesome George, after this pic he tries to mount the female
Land iguana at the Charles Darwin Research center
Me and a tortoise, i made a friend
Giant tortoise in the road on the way to El Chato
Angermeyer Inn on Santa Cruz
Angermeyer Inn on Santa Cruz
Angermeyer Inn on Santa Cruz
Angermeyer Inn on Santa Cruz
Angermeyer Inn on Santa Cruz, view of the marina
A baby pelican.
kayaking around Santa Cruz
Kayaking around Santa Cruz
Blue footed booby!
Us hanging with the Ecuador crew!
Zipline in Mindo
Waterfalls and swim area in Mindo
Us at La Mitad del Mundo - where water drains straight down

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