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Curse of the Canadian & The World is Cruel

I learned that you need to be careful for what you ask for because you just may get it. The Big Guy up stairs finally answered my prayers and I got what I was asking for. Whoever said God does not have a sense of humor should hang out with me for a while For those of you who remember my trip last year to Pitcairn Island where I spent 14 days on a very small boat with a single 67+ year old Canadian woman who hated Americans and was not very friendly (even the crew was ready to throw her overboard by the end), well fast forward to 28 Jan 2007, as this single lady (who I was going to share a room with for the next 8 days) started to come into focus I had flash backs of my Pitcairn Island trip and I started to cry.
Could the world be so cruel as to have the same Canadian woman on this trip as well? Thankful that was not the case but they looked so much alike that I thought they were sisters and the first three questions out of my mouth were – Do you have a sister, Did she go to Pitcairn Island last year, and Do you hate Americans? The answers were no! Now the only thing I was thinking that I finally got what I was asking for. Now that I know the Big Guy will answer my prayers and I understand how it works, my request are going to be a bit more specific – I would like single lady, 21 to 41 so on and so on . I understand that the world is not fair or a nice place but I never realized just how cruel the world really is. The Big Guy upstairs wasn’t just content to set me up with a lady old enough to be my grandma, he had to really rub it in. Another boat sailing on the same course as us had a Dutch couple, 1 Japanese male, 1 British male, and 12 young single beautiful ladies – It is a cruel world.

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