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The Scuba Diving

Galapagos wildlife
Galapagos wildlife
The diving in the Galapagos was very good. The water clear and warm and only once did we have poor visibility. It was on that dive that I ran into 14+ foot Hammerhead Shark. This shark came out of nowhere. I remember looking into darkness then looking down and then in front of me and that is when I saw this 14+ foot Hammerhead just below and to the front of me. After my eyes became as big as my mask, trying to take pictures, warn the others, and getting the hell out of there, he just swam off into the darkness. It was a wonderful experience to be this close to such a huge creature but once is enough.

Also on this trip I saw for the first time, sleeping sharks. It is said that if a shark stops moving it will drown because it needs water flowing through its gills, but we found a cave that was known to have white tip sharks sleeping in it and we saw three of them sleeping. I found out that the reason they can sleep there is that the movement of the water in that cave simulates the same action while they are moving. What was cool was having the sea lions play and swim with you while you are diving. Because of curious nature and their lack of fear it was fun to have them swimming and playing with you. I also had the chance to swim with the huge sea turtles. The diving was amazing but this was the first place I have been where the snorkeling was better than the diving and if I ever go back I will do fewer dives and more snorkeling.

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