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Your friends will be happy this holiday!
Apparently, we are not the only ones who are travel enthusiasts.  According to the UN World Tourism Organization, international travel was 5% higher in the first eight months of 2013, with a record 747 million people leaving their borders to find adventure!
All of these world travelers will be needing holiday gifts, of course.  From lavish to economical, here are a few of our picks for that jet-setter in your life:
A trip of a lifetime:  Spoil your recipient with the gift of travel.  Send your loved ones on that African safari or Antarctica tours they have dreamed of for years.  Or what about a Brazil trip to experience the 2014 World Cup?
Personal photography creations:  Display those travel photos that might otherwise go forgotten and unappreciated.  Make postcard packs, photo books, or even wooden calendars on the site, Artifact Uprising.
Save the vino:  Returning home with a suitcase soaked in that Merlot you bought in Italy is never ideal.  Help the wine enthusiasts in your life with a DoubleGuard Neoprene Double Wine Protector for their travels.
Compact solar charger:  This 7 ounce device charges your phone, has a light that can shine up to 80 hours, AND WakaWaka donates a charger to typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.
Unique luggage tags:  Choose from these whimsical tags that are water-resistant or a stylish leather tag that is sure to please!
World culinary tour...sort of:  It would be nice to fly to Vietnam for a bowl of pho, to Argentina for a lunch of empanadas and dulce de leche, and then to Germany for a bratwurst.  Although this is obviously not possible, you can be transported by an international cookbook to get a taste of the world!


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