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Galapagos Tours in December

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Learn more about what to expect on Galapagos cruise in December
Learn more about what to expect on Galapagos cruise in December

The Galapagos Islands are located at the Equator so there is not a lot of seasonal variation. Air temperatures tend to run in the 70s-80s year round, making the islands a great place to visit at any time. However, the month of December brings seasonal changes to the Galapagos. Here are a few highlights on what you can expect during a Galapagos tour in December:

Warm: Warmer season begins and temperatures average max. 80F / min. 70F.

Rain: Beginning of Galapagos' rainy-season and the landscape starts to green. Keep in mind, average rainfall during this month is still little more than 1 cm.

Sun: Start of the sunny-season. Expect around 4 hours of clear, sunny skies each day.

Water: Water temperatures start to warm up as the cold Humboldt current clears out. Water temperatures average in the mid 70s.

Wildlife: Green sea turtles begin mating; Giant tortoise eggs start hatching in the wild; and the first of the young Waved Albatross fledge.

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