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This Isn't Your Traditional Galapagos Tour

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Traditionally, a Galapagos cruise has been the most popular way of exploring the Enchanted Islands. And for good reason: a variety of professional and personable yachts make cruising from island to island comfortable and convenient, offering daily land visits and certified naturalist guides. It seems only natural to sail through this string of islands located roughly 600 miles off mainland Ecuador -- some might say it conjures up the romanticism of the adventurous explorers who visited the islands a century ago. And who doesn't welcome a little adventure and a little romance. But we understand a cruise isn't for everyone and that "choices" are a good thing. The desire for alternative Galapagos travel itineraries is increasing, and we are happy to say, the options are superb. Adventure Life is very excited about all of our Galapagos tours, but we are especially pleased to introduce you to two tours that offer a different approach to discovering the wonders of the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Multisport
This 9-day tour has an active itinerary filled with plenty of daily multisport excursions, as well as free time to explore on your own. Begin this Galapagos tour with a hike on San Cristobal’s Frigate Hill, appropriately named for the bird that is known to nest in the area. Travelers will spend the next couple days snorkeling, swimming and kayaking in such popular areas like Playa Ochoa, Leon Dormido, Divine Bay, as well as the protected turquoise lagoon on Sante Fe Island. On Santa Cruz, hike the highlands and mountain bike along coastal farmland. Throughout your Galapagos travels, wildlife awaits at every turn, every trailside, every shoreline! The final days of this itinerary are spent on Isabela Island and horseback riding on the Sierra Negra volcano.

Galapagos Travel highlights include:

  • San Cristobal

  • Santa Fe

  • Isabela

  • Charles Darwin Research Center

  • Hiking

  • Sea Kayaking

  • Snorkeling/SCUBA

  • Mountain Biking

  • Horseback Riding


Hiking Galapagos
Also a 9-day tour, travelers will begin their visit to the Galapagos in San Cristobal exploring the island’s Isla Lobas, Leon Dormindo and El Junco Lagoon whose waters are alive with surprising marine life. The tour continues with a hike through the El Chato Tortoise Reserve on Santa Cruz Island, where you are likely to spot the Galapagos’s celebrated gentle giants. End your Galapagos travels on the island of Isabela and a hike to the rim of Sierra Negra volcano – the visual rewards are breathtaking. This land-based itinerary is designed to keep travelers active, but allows plenty of flexibility and time to enjoy the individuality of each region and its wonderful wildlife.

Travel highlights include:

  • San Cristobal

  • Santa Cruz

  • Isabela

  • Leon Dormido

  • Isla Lobos

  • Sea Kayaking

  • Snorkeling

  • Island Hiking


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