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Cruising in the Galapagos

Private Charter - Northeast Islands Aboard Galaxy

Example 6 Day Cruise aboard Galaxy
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Embark on a 6-day private cruise through the Northeast Galapagos Islands from Baltra to San Cristobal aboard Galaxy! Explore North Seymour Island's diverse wildlife, witness blue-footed boobies' courtship, and observe sea lions. Bartolome Island showcases iconic penguins and Pinnacle Rock's beauty. Sullivan Bay reveals volcanic origins, with snorkeling opportunities teeming with marine life. El Barranco offers nesting storm petrels and short-eared owls. South Plazas Island impresses with flora and land iguanas, while Santa Fe Island provides terrestrial and marine exploration. The Interpretation Center delves into Galapagos history, and Lobos Island offers playful sea lions. Explore San Cristobal Island's highlands before bidding farewell to this enchanting archipelago. 
Frigate BirdLounging iguana on South Plaza Island, GalapagosTwo Galapagos tortoisesSnorkeling the tropical waters of the Galapagos islands.Pinnacle rock on BartolomeSea lion in galapagosSee Blue-footed boobies on your Galapagos tour!Cruising in the Galapagos
  • Discover North Seymour Island's diverse wildlife and unique landscapes.
  • Witness the courtship dance of blue-footed boobies on the island
  • Snorkel the vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life
  • Visit South Plazas Island for land iguanas and seabirds
Places Visited
Activity Level: Relaxed
Involves minimal physical effort and is typically associated with leisurely activities. Activities are low-intensity or last less than a few hours each day.

Full Itinerary

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Day 1: Baltra | Embark | North Seymour Island

Departure to the Galapagos Islands, and arrive at Baltra airport, where a National Park-certified naturalist guide will warmly welcome you to this biodiversity-rich paradise. Your exciting journey in the footsteps of Darwin is about to start!

Your journey continues with a morning visit to North Seymour Island, a spectacular showcase of the Galapagos Islands' diverse wildlife. This relatively flat island is home to a thriving population of blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. The trail winds its way through a forest of low, bushy vegetation, where you'll have the opportunity to witness the fascinating courtship dance of the blue-footed boobies. The island's coastline also allows one to observe sea lions and marine iguanas basking in the sun. The large frigate bird colonies are a sight, especially when the males inflate their bright red throat pouches to attract mates. Birdwatching Experience: Encounter the majestic frigate birds and charming blue-footed boobies in their natural habitat. This is an ideal spot for birdwatching and photography.

Highlights: Blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, sea lions, marine iguanas.
Trail: 2 km
Level: Moderate
Activities: Dry landing, hiking

Day 2: Bartolome | Sullivan Bay, Santiago

Bartolome Island is one of the most iconic places in the Galapagos, renowned for its accessible penguin population and the beautiful Pinnacle Rock. The beach near the rock is painted with peach-colored sand, adding to the surreal beauty of the landscape. A hike to the island's summit will offer you panoramic views of lunar-like landscapes dotted with volcanic cones, numerous islands, Sullivan Bay, and, of course, the towering Pinnacle Rock.

Snorkeling Experience: Following the hike, you have the option to swim or snorkel from the beach. This location boasts a well-deserved reputation as one of the best snorkeling spots in the Galapagos, with its clear, calm water and diverse underwater life. This includes penguins, which are surprisingly easy to spot, along with many colorful fish, invertebrates, playful sea lions, turtles, rays, and reef sharks.

Highlights: Galapagos penguins, volcanic landscapes, Pinnacle rock, blue-footed boobies, herons, sea lions, and sharks.
Trail: 1.5 km / 0.9 mi
Level: Moderate
Activities: Dry landing and hiking

Walking through Sullivan Bay offers an extraordinary journey into the volcanic origins of the Galapagos Islands. Your hike will take you across a perfectly preserved Pahoehoe lava flow, providing endless opportunities to observe the delicate textures of this rare type of lava. While the landscape may appear barren and lifeless at first, a closer look reveals resilient pioneer plants, scurrying lava lizards, and small birds. Along the shore, penguins, pelicans, and oystercatchers add a touch of life to the stark environment.

Snorkeling Experience: Following the hike, you can swim or snorkel from a coral sand beach or the dinghies. The underwater world here starkly contrasts the sparse land, teeming with schools of fish, Galapagos penguins, reef sharks, turtles, and rays.

Highlights: Pahoehoe lava, Galapagos penguins, oystercatchers, Galapagos hawks.
Trail: 2.2 km / 1.4 mi
Level: Hard
Activities: Dry landing and hiking

Day 3: Darwin Bay | El Barranco, Genovesa

Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island is a birder's dream come true. When you set foot on the beach, you will be amazed by the spectacle of hundreds of boobies, gulls, and frigatebirds soaring above, nesting in the bushes, or roosting on the sandy terrain. This immersive wildlife trail hosts sea lions and marine iguanas by the sea, and inland you'll encounter night herons, lava and swallow-tailed gulls, Darwin finches, Galapagos doves, mockingbirds, and more.

Snorkeling Experience: Darwin Bay offers a variety of snorkeling locations, from deep waters along the bay's cliffs to shallow waters near the beach. Regardless of where you choose, a colorful variety of fish awaits your visit, with a high chance of spotting sharks, rays, and sea lions.

Trail: 1.2 km / 0.7 mi
Level: Hard
Activities: Wet landing, hiking, snorkeling, panga ride, kayaking

Located in the southern part of Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island, El Barranco is blessed with cliffs facing the sea made from very fragile, fractured lava. This creates an ideal nesting environment for storm petrels, attracting a significant population of short-eared owls. The trail is dotted with red-footed and Nazca boobies. At the same time, the base of the cliffs provides restful, shaded areas for Galapagos fur seals and numerous seabirds.

Snorkeling Experience: Snorkeling alongside these cliffs is an exhilarating experience, teeming with diverse fish and providing great chances to see sharks, rays, and playful sea lions.

Highlights: Nesting great frigatebirds, red-footed & Nazca boobies, Galapagos sea lions, Galapagos fur seals, lava & swallow-tailed gulls, yellow-crown night herons, Genovesa ground finch, Genovesa cactus finch, Galapagos mockingbirds.
Trail: 1.2 km / 0.7 mi
Level: Hard
Activities: Wet landing, hiking, snorkeling, panga ride, kayaking

Day 4: South Plaza | Santa Fe

Begin your day with a visit to South Plazas Island, one of the smaller yet vibrant islands in the Galapagos. This island is renowned for its extraordinary flora, including towering cacti and the striking Sesuvium plant, which changes from green to bright red during the dry season. South Plazas is also home to a large colony of land iguanas, which are often seen lounging under the cacti or wandering around. The steep cliffs on the southern part of the island provide a haven for various seabirds, including swallow-tailed gulls and red-billed tropicbirds. Sea lions frequent the coastline and offers an excellent opportunity to observe their playful antics in the water.

Highlights: Land iguanas, Sesuvium plants, cacti, sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls, red-billed tropicbirds.
Trail: 1 km / 0.6 mi
Level: Moderate
Activities: Dry landing, hiking

In the afternoon, set off to explore Santa Fe Island, known for its picturesque bay and turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The island hosts a healthy population of the larger species of land iguanas unique to Santa Fe. Watch for these magnificent creatures as you walk through the giant prickly pear cactus forest. The island's calm, clear waters are ideal for spotting an array of marine life, including sea turtles, rays, and colorful schools of fish. Santa Fe also offers a chance to see the Galapagos hawk and various endemic finches. This day offers a blend of terrestrial and marine exploration, showcasing the diverse landscapes and wildlife the Galapagos Islands are famous for.

Highlights: Santa Fe land iguanas, prickly pear cactus, sea turtles, Galapagos hawk, snorkeling opportunities.
Trail: 1.5 km / 0.9 mi
Level: Moderate
Activities: Wet landing, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, panga ride

Day 5: Interpretation Center | Lobos Island, San Cristobal

Situated on the outskirts of Puerto Baquerizo, the Interpretation Center serves as a rich repository of the history of human presence in the Galapagos Islands. Its exhibitions chronicle the stories of early Spanish explorers up to the present day, highlighting prominent visitors such as Charles Darwin. The displays at this center illustrate the challenges and perils faced by the first settlers as they endeavored to survive in the rugged Galapagos environment.

Trail: 2.2 km / 1.4 mi
Activities: Hiking

Venture to Lobos Island, a tranquil islet secluded from San Cristobal by a slim channel. This nature's cradle, amidst a serene bay, is the playground for sea lion pups frolicking in tidal pools. The island might be modest but bursts with life, particularly with "lobos marinos" or sea lions. As you step ashore, welcoming committees of sea lions would greet you, only to be outraged by the male frigatebirds inland, presenting their inflamed red balloons amidst the verdant foliage. Stay vigilant for the blue-footed boobies nesting on the trails, ready to treat you to a display of their whimsical courtship dance.

Snorkeling Experience: Dive into an underwater ballet at this renowned snorkeling spot, sheltered by the calm waves. Playful sea lions would eagerly display their acrobatic prowess. In contrast, sea turtles and rays find solace resting on the sandy seabed, giving you a glimpse into the harmonious marine life that thrives beneath the surface.

Highlights: Galapagos sea lions, marine Iguanas, magnificent & great frigatebirds, blue-footed Boobies, and San Cristobal Lava Lizards.
Trail: 0.6 km / 0.4 mi
Level: Hard
Activities: Dry landing, hiking and panga ride

Day 6: Highlands, San Cristobal | Disembark

  • 1 Breakfast
Your day begins with a journey to the highlands of San Cristobal Island, offering a different perspective of the Galapagos' unique ecosystem. This lush and verdant area contrasts sharply with the coastal zones. The highlands are home to a variety of bird species, giant tortoises in their natural habitat, and a rich array of plant life, including endemic trees and ferns. You'll have the opportunity to walk along paths that meander through this lush landscape, offering a chance to observe the giant tortoises up close and personal. The highlands also provide panoramic views of the island, showcasing its diverse topography. 

Highlights: Giant tortoises, endemic bird species, panoramic views, lush vegetation.

After your morning exploration, it's time to say goodbye to the Galapagos Islands and transfer back to the Ecuador mainland. Reflect on the incredible experiences and the unique wildlife and landscapes you've encountered during your journey. The transfer to the airport is an opportunity to take in the last views of this enchanting archipelago. This concludes your unforgettable exploration of the Galapagos Islands, a journey filled with natural wonders and wildlife encounters that will leave a lasting impression and a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems.



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  • Internal Flights: Mainland Ecuador - Galapagos - Mainland Ecuador: $475-675


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