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Lava rocks Santiago
Lava rocks Santiago
We can't believe that our adventure is over. As we are talking about returning back to "the real world", we almost stumble over a llama on the sidewalk by our van outside the hotel as we are taking our bags out. We reflect on how this sums up this country - a seamless mix of the ancient with the modern. We have so enjoyed this country, and make plans with Boris to come back (after all, I have to buy that handmade bedspread and stock up on more coca tea and chocolate!). We say a fond goodbye to Boris, and head out. Kudos to the Adventure Life staff: every single thing on this trip was exactly as promised, and more. We saw some amazing things, but more importantly, felt like we really experienced the local culture and people of these places, especially Peru. The local guides, especially Boris, added so much to the trip. I won't second guess any recommendations by Adventure Life in the future. And there will be future trips - now we have a bug that we won't get rid of without more traveling! We can't wait to travel again with Adventure Life.

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