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Leaving Isabela heading for San Cristobal Island

Sleep in a little and get breakfast. I think I am getting used to the little garbage cans for toilet paper and bottle water tooth brushing. We head for the Isabela tortoise breeding center via the beach and a raised walkway through a wet land area- hoards of marine iguanas sit on the black rocks. Richard and I notice my boyfriend hanging back and then vomit over the edge of the walkway- I worry about him contaminating the environment, Richard worries about how sick he is. My boyfriend assures us he is okay and we arrive at the breeding center- we make it for feeding time again! We head back to the hotel and make my boyfriend drink some Gatorade. He makes it through the small plane flight to San Cristobal Island with the 'air sick' bag in hand, but unused.
San Cristobal is by far the biggest 'city' in Galapagos- one of the streets even has a traffic light! My boyfriend takes a nap and misses the passion fruit ice cream- unbelieveable- at lunch. We have a low key afternoon and go to the 'learning center' and learn more about the history of the settlement of the islands- from Charles Darwin to the pirates, to the prison colonies and the first settlers. We head to the beach and watch sea lions lounge and play. My boyfriend feels well enough to eat dinner- fish; and we explore the boardwalk area. The locals are out too and so are the sea lions.

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