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Leon Dormido, Blue Footed Boobies, and sharks

I don't think the sea lions woke me up, but they are definitely up early too- barking like hoarse beagles. My boyfriend has his appetite back. After breakfast, we take a small boat out- to Leon Dormido- starting as a small dot on the horizon until we are right next to it's completely vertical sides. As we are drawing near, Richard yells for the captain to stop- there are sea turtles mating in the open ocean. We circle Leon Dormido- an 'ash pile' which looks like a huge rock with a crack at one end. Home of many birds- the surface is mostly white from poop- making a good backdrop for photos of blue footed boobies. As we don our snorkeling gear, the boat drops us off at one side of the channel, Richard tells us the boat will pick us up at the other end- we see multiple sea turtles, fish, and sharks swimming below us- even though we were assured the sharks were 'vegetarians' I probably swam through the channel a little too fast. We get back on the boat and eat a boxed lunch- mixed sea food with rice and Oreos. We head to another snorkeling spot and see a frigate with his red breast puffed out. The sky has become more overcast as we get into the water again. Swimming along, I try take underwater pictures of the sea lions, sea turtles, and fish- but I realize that I am getting really cold, I try to ignore that and try to find more animals, but I soon start to shiver. I look up to find the boat and make my way toward it. I get out of the water and start shivering uncontrollably. I shouldn't have told the tour guide I went swimming in Lake Michigan when the water was 50 degrees when I was a kid. My lips turn back to their normal pink color and we head back to San Cristobal. We walk out of town to a popular surfing beach- no one is out today, but we explore and find iguanas 'hiding' on the black rocks. We see a sea lion who just gave birth- unfortunately the pup is still born. We head back to town and snack on wild cherry tomatoes we find along the way. Back to the beach by the hotel for a couple of beers and watching the big football game between Ecuador and Argentina- Ecuador won!

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