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Mediterranean Expedition to the Ancient Wonders of the World \ Photos

A couple poses in front of the pyramids.
Departing home
Grecian ruins
Frescoes in museum (recovered from Akrotiri)
View from our hotel's breakfast room
Temple at Brauron
Temple to protector of childbirth outside Athens
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
Aphrodite sculpture in Natl Archaeological Museum of Athens
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
Snacks waiting in our room when we embarked
Our beautiful ship cabin!
Breakfast our first morning onboard
Recovered from ancient shipwreck
carving from Ancient Mausoleum
View from Bodrum castle.
Crusaders signed their names on the wall.
English coat of arms at Bodrum castle
Medieval Islamic armor  (from crusader times)
Columns from Mausoleum
Dessert onboard Corinthian II
Fountain in Rhodes.
City of Rhodes.
Coat of Arms for one of 7 Crusader nationalities in Rhodes
Stone buildings in Rhodes.
Ancient canon balls from medieval Rhodes
Mosaic in Rhodes museum
Riding up to Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes
Riding burros in Greece.
Riding burros in Greece.
View of cove where St. Paul preached
Lindos, Rhodes
Rhodes port
Look at that gelato!!!
Rhodes City
Afternoon snacks on Corinthian II
Room service on our balcony!
Breakfast on our balcony
Lycian tomb
Mosaic along Roman road, 2nd century
Temple of Leto
Mosaic in Temple of Apollo
Roman theater at Letoon
Greek Theater Masks
Greek Theater at Letoon, Turkey
Mayor welcoming ship to his small town
Hellenistic Tower
Typical Turkish Cafe
Locals dancing in traditional style.
A folk dancer greeting in a small Turkish Village
Folk dancers greeting us in small Turkish village
Some of the earliest Corinthian columns
Turkish rug specialist
$30,000 Turkish carpet!
St. Tecla's Grotto
Heading to Syria
Honeymoon cake on Corinthian II
A couple enjoying a meal on the Corinthian II.
Syrian port
Syrian president
Bedouin tent
Which way should we go?
Palmyra Archaeological Museum
Truth in Advertising
Fantastic Syrian buffet
Palmyrian ruins in Syria
Bel Temple
Palmyra temple doorways
Palmyra temple columns
Bel Temple Entrance
Original ceiling from 1st century in Bel Temple
Other tourists at Bel Temple
Where is the green oasis?
Palmyra Tomb
Ceiling in tomb
View out the window of the tomb
Castle overlooking Palmyra
Musicians at bedouin dinner
Women cooking bread at our bedouin dinner
Bedouin dinner near Palmyra
Entrance for bedouin dinner
Visit the ruins of Syria.
Syrian boy reluctantly selling postcards
Palmyra ruins
Getting ready to ride a camel.
Riding a camel through the ruins
Me and our camel driver
Riding a camel
Hanging out with the camel driver
Now we fit in... :)
Enjoy a camel ride on your ruins tour.
Ruins scattered about Syria's dry landscape
Camel train crossing Syrian desert
Taking pictures of camel train and road to Iraq
The crusader's castle fortress
Crusader's Castle near Homs, Syria
The interior of the Crusader's Castle
The moat around the castle.
Standing amongst the ruins.
Walking the castle wall
A woman stands in a stone doorway
Inside the Castle
Looking out over the Castle ruins
Driving along Lebanese border
Room service breakfast on our balcony!
Pax taking the wheel during bridge tour
National flags used on Corinthian II for different ports
Our fantastic Matre'd, Gabor
More beautiful food!
Corinthian II
Final evening on the ship
Large ships at Alexandria
Port of Alexandria
Corinthian II
Port of Alexandria
Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria
Line for ladies' restroom (a hotel room they opened for us)
Site of Ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria
Visit the great pyramids.
View from Great Pyramid of Cairo
Look closely- He's taking her picture in a full burqa
Just like us- he's showing his wife the picture he just took
Ancient entrance to the Great Pyramid
A crowd gathers to see the amazing sites of Egypt
Look how short it is!
The sphinx in Egypt
View from our hotel room in Cairo!
Sound and Light Show at Sphinx
Islamic Cairo
Mosque decorations
The interior of the Cairo mosque.
View the ancient relects of Egypt
Dressed to see the mosque
There are many beautiful architectual decorations in Egypt.
Woman drawing at mosque
Khan El-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo
Typical Cairo traffic
Making papyrus
A man doing a demonstration of how to make papyrus
A man doing a demonstration of how to make papyrus
A man doing a demonstration of how to make papyrus
Our Cairo hotel
Enjoy some authentic cuisine while in Egypt.
Tour coordinator in Cairo
Leaving Cairo
Encountering the Olympic torch coming out of Acropolis
Standing in front of the ruins of Greece.
Flags at Acropolis
Enjoy visiting the amazing ruins of Greece.
Temple at Acropolis
Greek Flag
Acropolis in Athens
New Acropolis Museum
Ruins under Acropolis museum
Stained glass at restaurant in Plaka, Athens
Pianist at restaurant in Plaka

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