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The late Lonesome George in the Galapagos
Hotel Eugenia\'s delicate ironwork
The lobby of Hotel Eugenia was warm and welcoming!
Drinking my first glass of wine at the hotel cafe!
Even the stairs were beautiful!
Calderon and very fresh pork!
Locals making masapan figurines in Calderon
A young boy learning the ancient craft of masapan figurines.
Typical cart selling grapes and other fruit.
Beautiful Emerald Valley
Emerald River near the Guayllbamba valley
This is an example of the various rock formations.
Explaining about Panama Hats, made in Ecuador! Who knew?
Mother and child.
Ecuadorian woman and her llama in Otavalo
low clouds over volcano
Young lady explaining the traditional dress of Ecuador.
The colors of Otavalo Market are exquisite!
A young entrepreneur counting his money at Otavalo Mkt.
An Ecuadorian man sewing sacks and bags for sale.
I think the colors were so bright I was smiling!
Locals in Cotacachi serenading the tourists
Clean streets with tiled walkways are part of the charm
The local church in Cotacachi
Daily rainclouds form over Cotacachi volcano
The town square in Cotacachi was full of vibrant color
Cotacachi is known for its leather trade, like these shoes.
Inside El Palacio de Arzobispo in downtown Quito
Sunday in the Plaza de Independencia in Quito
The roads are closed on Sunday and people walk everywhere.
La Catedral on the square - Quito
Guards at the President's House (Palacio del Gobierno)
Lovely architecture on the Plaza
Narrow streets wind up toward Panecillo Hill and the Virgin
The facade of La Basilica is tremendous in size and concept.
I couldn't wait to climb to the top!
Interior of the neo-gothic Basilica
View from inside the Basilica on the way up!
View of the Virgin of Quito from the Basilica
The wooden bridge connecting the towers from the main part
a dizzying climb to the top on metal stairs with gargoyles
spectacular view from the top of the Basilica clock towers
Native Ecuadorians in costumes with instruments
San Francisco church- so imposing
All that glitters.....
Fanny, the local cabbie and I at Mitad del Mundo
Museo Intinan in Quito. This is where the REAL equator is, so they say!
Marking the exact spot!
At IntiNan, we learned about the local weavings
TeleferiQo going straight to the top!
It was so cold and foggy, you couldn't see anything!
At Parque Carolina there is a hidden Botanical Gardens!
Such spectacular foliage!
The Botanical Gardens in the rain
An entire pond ecosystem at the garden
Orchids are grown in large greenhouse structures
ghost orchids!
serenity at the end of the day
Our plane from Quito arrives in Baltra
Loading Ferry with our bags for the short ride to Pt. Ayora
Praying that our bags stay on the top!
Our chariot, the panga arrives with Luis
My first glimpse of the Beagle, home for the next week.
Marine Iguana convention on Santa Cruz Island
Our Guide, Daniel, explaining about the giant cactus
This little guy will grow up to be big someday.
Charles Darwin Research Station is amazing!
Check out the tortoise whisperer!
Fresh fish at the docks of Punta Ayora
Our first look out to sea and wonder what we will see.
My cabin, spacious and comfy.
The bathroom or head
a closet, drawers, what else could one ask for ?
A view of an ancient volcano as we head out to sea.
Floreana's local residents
Tree finch on Floreana
Here I come to save the day! Gentle giants roam on Floreana
Floreana and epiphytes on the tropical forest trees
small tree finch
The Highlands and a view of the bay on Floreana
This is where murder and mayhem reigned in Floreana
The locals gathered elephant ears in bundles
Puerta Valiesco Ibarra and the welcoming committee
The clear blue of the ocean as the waves crash on the rocks
The ever present slick sea lion
snorkeling at Pt. Comorant in the clear blue waters
weathered volcanic rock on Floreana
American oyster catcher wading as he looks for food
Blue footed boobie pair cooling off
Flamingo colony on our evening excursion
Flamingoes just before sunset in the Galapagos
All creatures, even hurt ones have little fear on the Island
waiting for the panga, the sun sets over another day
The remains of an ancient volcanic cone
Great Blue herons are so spectacular to view
Floyd, a doomed sea turtle and he has a story to tell.
Colorful Sally Lightfoot crab on volcanic rock
sea lions in the surf at Gardner Bay
baby sea lion, perhaps 3 days old, sleeping and waiting.
Sea lion playing with a stick in the Galapagos
So many sea lions, so much time!
baby nursing
Marine iguanas have great camouflage on the island.
Hey, I am landing here with flaps out.
Ok, so I have blue feet, but that is no reason to gawk!
Is this Hollywood? I am ready for my close up now.
swallow tail gull
The beautiful white Nasca boobie
Blue-footed Boobies engaged in their famous mating ritual
nasca baby boobie on the rocks
Mocking bird, have you heard?
Waved albatross giving birth to an egg!
A pair of waved albatross admire their freshly-laid egg in the Galapagos
Some day we will look back on this and smile.
The blowhole, millions of years in the making
fluffy and full of down, this is a young boobie.
The cliffs where seabirds gather and feed on local fish.
Incoming! Waved albatross about to soar out to sea.
I am airborne!
Smoothly soaring over the water with huge wing spans.
A good look at the wing span of the waved albatross.
Dawn breaking over San Cristobal
Red Footed Boobies nesting on the low bushes
Red Footed Booby in the Galapagos
A sea lion catches a small wave along the coast in the Galapagos
Curious adolescent sea lion in the Galapagos
"Tuff rock" or compressed volcanic ash, eroded by wind in the Galapagos
The path to the top of Frigatebird Hill
Following our guide, Daniel, to the top of Frigate Bird Hill on San Cristobal
Here Daniel is explaining the geology of this island
a first peek  at the harbor below the cliffs
From the top of Frigatebird Hill we see our boat, the Beagle
where earth meets sky, tranquility and peace begin
Red footed boobie
Unique colors on this Red Footed Booby
Baby Boobie and he is hungry
"Mom! I am hungry, bring me food!"
red low brush and the sea in the distance
My first look at Dormido Leon, or Sleeping Lion
Up close and personal with the lion
Male Frigates with red pouches
Magnificent Frigate Bird with inflated gular
In the middle of it all, flowers
Flowers grow even in the most barren places.
Blue Footed Boobie waiting......
Volcanic Boulders, a reminded of time gone by
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Dawn breaking over Bahia Barrington
Thai Chi in the early morning sun with the Beach Master
small tree finch on a Paulo Santos tree
small tree finch on Santa Fe and the deep blue sky
Medium tree finch scouting out its domain
Cactus trees on Santa Fe Island
Hungry Cactus Finch babies waiting for mom
cactus finch and babies on Santa Fe
Golden Land Iguana on Santa Fe Island
The comb of this land iguana can be seen through the bushes
symbiosis in motion Mocking bird and Iguana
A little to the left, would ya? Yeah!!
This close up shows the iguana's molting skin
the golden color of this iguanas comes from the cactus fruit
It is easy to see the prehistoric nature of this species
Land iguana eating the purslane flower
The land iguana has adapted to the dry conditions in the Galapagos
Red billed tropic bird in flight
A colony of sea lions in the Galapagos
Nursing pup and mom basking in the sun
swallow tailed gull pair
Heeeeres Johnny!
swallow tail baby being watched over by mom and dad
This is the path from the water to the batchelor pad
Here comes bachelor #1
The famous, or infamous, bachelor pad!
As we headed back to the boat, we came acoss a small snake
Sea lion pup in the Galapagos
Nesting male with iridescent green w/ contrasting red gular
This male Great Frigate was a phenomenal sight!
Chick, perhaps 2 months old
Mom feeding chick #1 (Head going)
Mom feeding chick #2 (Head going)
Mom feeding chick #3  (head almost gone!)
Mom feeding baby #4 (Gone!)
Baby Frigate - very young
Fur seals sleeping on the rocks
A fur seal stretches out on volcanic rock
Galapagos penguins
Galapagos penguins practicing their dance routine
I'll race you and I am winning!
Galapagos penguin swimming in the surf near No. Seymour
Love the webbed feet and socks!
I'm molting.......
Pinnacle Rock with all it's vast colors
The beginning of the boardwalk to the top
remains of an ancient caldera
Lava Cacti growing out of rock on near barren environment
small low growing shrub near boardwalk
Mom nursing pup near volcanic rock
A motley crew from the HMS Beagle
Extinct cinder cone in the Galapagos
the volcanic ash goes into the bay
fragile lava tunnels
lava tunnels
lava tunnels leading to the sea
I think the yellow warbler is a sign of luck
yellow warbler taking a bath near the volcanic rocks
The volcanic rocks rolling in to the surf
lava lizard, looking identical to the volcanic rock
The compressed rocks looking out to sea
Curious mocking bird
Tall cacti trees and the lunar landscape
Lava rock and cactus create a rugged shoreline in the Galapagos
lagoon on Dragon Hill which gets more than the avg. rainfall
Angel, our engineer and mechanic
Luis, the panga driver and all around handy man
Tricky, our steward, perfectionist and funny man
Daniel and Luis make me smile!
Each day, Tricky cleaned our cabins leaving us creations.
That's CAPTAIN Washington, to you.
Luis snorkeling in the crystal blue waters of the Galapagos
The fierce land iguana on Dragon Hill
one of the valleys on Dragon Hill-Santa Cruz in the distance
View of Guy Fawkes islet from the top of Dragon Hill
Alternate view of the bay through Scalesia trees
The Crew - Daniel, Capt. Washington, Angel and Tricky
The crew- Tricky, Big Pedro, the chef and  Luis
My last Galapagos sunset over the islands
The last morning as the sun rises
Dawn breaking as we motor to Black Turtle Cove
Black Turtle cove with mangroves
Noddy terns land on pelican's head to help eat the kill
Godlen Eagle Rays in the morning stillness
Reminiscent of Florida Bay, dawn at Black Turtle cove
golden eagle rays with tips out of the water, gliding by.
green sea turtle on silent flippers
Getting a look from a pelican in the Galapagos
The sea turtle swam directly at our panga
It is hard to leave our floating home after 8 days at sea.
A few locals on Baltra Island in the Galapagos.
The passanger wharf or bus stop to the airport on Baltra
While I dined on Locro soup, the sun set over Quito.

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