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Galapagos - An Amazing Vacation \ Photos

Casa Aliso in Quito
Casa Aliso in Quito
Market place in Quito
Our luggage travels from Galapagos airport to pier
Our first panga ride (to the Pinta)
The first sea lion greets us at the pier
Our luggage travels in style to the Pinta
Dinner in style on the Pinta
A baby napping
Sea lions in love
Mom and her baby
A male and his harem
Life is good
Yellow bird on San Cristobal
Male frigates showing off
What do you mean I can't go out and play?
Blue footed boobie in her 'nest'
Who are all those people?
A handsome fellow
Don't even think about taking my egg
Bringing home building materials
Mom!  Pay attention to me!
A real cutie!
Natures color palette
North Seymore
North Seymore
Hi, What's your name?
Another distinuished character
Sending my postcards in Post Office Bay
Gotta have them postmarked
Our Shipmates
A family of 4 on Floreana
Where did mom go?
Are YOU my mommy?
We have company traveling with us
Sunset on Floreana
Sunset on Floreana
Sunset on Floreana
A nice hug!
A pup
A cutie pie!
Our Isabela guide
Isabella Island
Isabella Island
Wall of tears, Isabella
Water tank on Isabella
Isabella tortoise inspects us
Real pink flamingos!
A serene sight!
Synchronized drinking
Paradise in Isabela
A 'well-balanced' young man
Isabela's night life
An Isabela volcano
The cauldron
It's enormous
A magificent view
Lava tube on Santa Cruz
Inside the lava tube
Sink holes on Santa Cruz
Sink holes on Santa Cruz
A cheery bird
Relaxing on Santa Cruz
Don't get to close or I'll go in and shut the door
Taking a dip
Relaxing on Isabela
Penguins around Bartolome
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Pelican on Santa Cruz
birds enjoy a swim at the hotel
turtles training to be on their own
the 2-year olds
another handsome devil
The late Lonesome George
Iguana with a 'turkey neck'
body surfing
I'm so tired
Waiting for lunch
Anybody got some quarters?
Bartolome or Mars?
There is beauty everywhere
Cactus ARE colorful
An impressive view from the peak
Lighthouse at the peak
Could someone please help me scatch
Chocolate chip seastar
Beautiful Seastar
I hate sand!
Relaxing on Rabida
Pelican on Rabida
Who are these people
A prehistoric creature
What do you want?
I'm pooped
A pile of iguanas
A bigger pile
An even bigger pile
Even more!
I love you
Sun bathing
Let's rest awhile
Everything will be OK
Another cutie pie
I\'m tired
Red is beautiful
I'm telling mom!
A protective mom
Espanola landscape
Baby albatross
Espanola coast
Basking by the ocean
Nazca boobie
Albatrosses 'kissing'
Don't yell at me
Taking off
Even their backs are beautiful
A purplish bird
Lost in thought
Come and get us
A fantastic crew
Flip to red on your way out

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