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Post Office Bay and Floreana

Our first panga ride (to the Pinta)
Our first panga ride (to the Pinta)
Our first stop is Post Office Bay - a place where a tradition continues of travellers taking letters / postcards with addresses near their home towns and then hand delivering them. I take several (to Harry's astonishment) - a few with addresses in Northern Virgina and one in New Jersey. We leave cards for several friends and family. I think this is such a fun idea! Harry goes snorkling and I go out in a glass bottomed boat. I see amazing starfish (only I learn they are now called sea stars), some interesting fish, and coral. On Floreana I walk on the beach when Harry goes snorkling. There is a 'family' of blue footed boobies - two young and two parents. The parents are taking turns going off to get fish. Watching them dive is interesting - they return with food to feed the babies. It really seems as though when one returns he/she push the other out. The sharing of child-rearing in the avian world! (How sophisticated!) Apparently this is an unusual 'family unit' - having the parents nuturing 2 healthy babies. There's also a young sea lion who waddles up and makes himself at home right by the towel and backpack of one of our fellow shipmates. I learn that their eyesight is not good - so maybe he has mistaken the backpack for his mother. The towel owner returns - but the sea lion stays . Very cute! We see rays in the surf and a lone pink flamingo. I love this stuff! Harry still seems to be having fun - though that word does not yet cross his lips.

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