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Galapagos Rolfing Family Trip \ Photos

Relaxing on the beach
Of seals and sand
ELF cruising into the horizon
up close and personal
Curious Sea Lion
Frigate birds in flight over the Galapagos
red-footed boobie
frigate birds in the bushes
mating dance of the frigate
sea lion pup
hiking in the galapagos
contemplating in the galapagos
with the sun bathing iguanas
sun bathing iguanas look out over the galapagos yachts
A pile of iguanas
Sea lion on the shore
Hanging out on the beach
A solo sea lion in the Galapagos
sea lion with the horizon
Sea lion on the horizon
a regal sea lion
galapagos crab
rolfing family photo in the galapagos
Sea lion
Turning the corner, another sea lion!
Turning the corner, another sea lion!
Snorkeling with the sea lions
Sea lion swimming
snorkeling and playing with the sea lions
blue footed boobie
Blue footed boobie
The famous blue-footed booby mating dance
Blue-footed Booby in the Galapagos
galapagos turtle
Blue footed boobie
sea lion diving under the water
iguana feeding on the bottom of the ocean
galapagos tortoise
Galapagos sting ray seen while snorkeling
Snorkel with sting rays and parrot fish in the Galapagos
starfish and sea lion
Try on a Galapagos tortoise shell
playful sea lion
parrot fish
posing with the late lonesome george
Flat fish
Jumping ship!
relaxing with sea lion off the Eric yacht
Sharing some Galapagos beach with a sea lion pup
A pair of masked boobies in the Galapagos
mating pair
sea lion feets
on the beach after swimming
sea lion relaxing along the beach
jumping off the boat
jumping off the boat
The three amigos

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