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Hiking Galapagos - A Walk through time \ Photos

Middle of the Earth - Latitude 00' 00'00'
Quito - View from Hotel Eugenia
Quito - Another view from Hotel Eugenia
Quito - Basilica stained glass window
Basilica - Quito day tour
Basilica in Old Quito - Quito day tour
View from the Basilica - Quito day 1
Church of Gold - Quito day 1
Guards at Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace) - Quito
The Virgin of Quito
Shrunken head instructions - Quito day 1
Sally Lightfoot crab - San Cristobal
San Cristobal Sea Lions
Colorful locals - San Cristobal
Map of Galapagos
View from Darwin's Point
Snokeling -San Cristobal
Restaurant - San Cristobal
Snoozin' anywhere - San Cristobal
Plant life - San Cristobal
Playing around at Isla de Lobos - San Cristobal
Blue Heron - San Cristobal
Leon Domido - Sleeping Lion
First Blue-Footed Boobie sighting - Leon Dormido
El Junco - San Cristobal
San Cristobal - after sliding down the ramp
Santa Cruz Harbor
Stuck on the Islands - Santa Cruz
lounging in the harbor - Santa Cruz
Seahorse - Santa Cruz
Feeding time - Santa Cruz
Hey wheres dinner - Santa Cruz
Chowing down - Santa Cruz
Land Iguana - Santa Cruz
The better to dig with ---
Come and get it - Santa Cruz
New friends at Santa Cruz Tortoise preserve
Get up close to a Galapagos tortoise
Marine Iguana on Santa Cruz Island
Unusual Store front - Santa Cruz
Tortuga Bay
Water Iguana in tree - Santa Cruz
Returning back from a hike - Santa Cruz
Hiking the volcano - Santa Cruz
Up to the top - Volcano Santa Cruz
After the slip and slide down the volcano - Santa Cruz
We made it to the top! - El Puntudo - Santa Cruz
Felipe - in the Tortise shell
Now that's a big shell - Santa Cruz tortoise perserve
Wearing the shells - Santa Cruz
Going down into the lava cave - Santa Cruz
Owl at lava cave entrance - Santa Cruz
Going through the lava tubes
Local flora - Santa Cruz
Health Check - Santa Cruz
Sign to Angermeyer Point
Angermeyer Point Restaurant
3 hour boat trip to Isabela
new buddies - Isabela
Blue Footed Boopie on Isabela
Great Lunch - Isabela
Welcoming committe at Los Tintoreras
Los Tintoreras - shark resting place
Marine Iguanas warming themselves in Las Tintoreras
Golden Crown NIght Heron at Los Tintoreras
La Casa de Marita - Hotel
Come and get it - Isabela
Poison Apple Tree
Poison Apple tree sign
Feeding trough at the Tortoise Center on Isabela Island
Cooling my head - Isabela
Glapagos Hawk
Sierra Negra - Isabela
Resting at the Caldera - Sierra Negra
Sierra Negra Caldera - Isla Isabela
Group Photo - Sierra Negra
Campground to go --Isabela
Delicious Lunch at campground
Isabela flora
What lunch was cooked in - Tortoise oven
Cookie dough - Otavalo trip
Everybody works - Otavalo trip
Be careful with the chocolate - it's HOT !!
Beautiful Church - Otavalo trip
Beautiful Natives - Otavalo trip
Beautiful landscape - Otavalo Trip
Miracle Waterfall - Otavalo trip
Instrument Maker - Otavalo trip
Sea Bass Lunch - Otavalo trip
Beautiful Mural - Otavalo trip
Llama - Otavalo trip
Animal Market - Otavalo trip
Here piggy piggy - Otaval Animal Market
Bargain Hunting at the Otavalo Animal Market
Gotta feed them - Otavalo Animal Market
Cheep cheep - Otavalo Animal Market
You name it, we got it - Otavalo Animal Market
We feel so tall - Otavalo Trip
Yummy fruit - Otavalo Market
Indigenous woman in her native dress
Celebration masks at the Otavalo market
Famous woman weaver - Otavalo trip
Incan Loom - Otavalo trip
Gathering Firewood - Otavalo trip

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