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Galapagos - For the Birds...

Frigates, and finches, and boobies .. Oh My! The Galapagos attracts animal enthusiasts from around the world, but I maintain that the happiest visitors have to be the birders! The uniqueness and sheer quantity of birds was overwhelming. I was most excited to see the Blue Footed Boobie before I arrived, but as soon as we made our way around Genovesa, the northern most islands, I saw my first Nazca Boobie and I was in love! Black and white with a yellow bill and matching yellow eyes, these birds look like they would be the comedians of the Galapagos! I imagine them clumsily walking around andcracking jokes to all the other birds on the island... “So, a frigate, a finch, and swallow walk into a bar..." We were in the islands at the beginning of the breeding season and it was pretty wonderful to see all the males picking out nesting materials, trying to impress the ladies in all different ways, and singing their courting songs. Some of these advances were well received, but one poor frigate bird was denied by a female for so long that we started giving him helpful tips, like maybe he should try chocolate... Although we didn’t see any eggs, the spectacle of it assured us that they would be coming.

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