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Only Solo for So Long...Galapagos Multisport \ Photos

Sunset, San Cristobal
Brownie the Bunny at the Hostal Rabida
La Basilica del Voto Nacional, Quito
Adorable Peruvian girl selling scarves
El Panecillo, Quito
Equatorial Egg Certificate
Huaorani Tribesman (statue)
Sea Lion napping in the Galapagos
sea lion posing for a pic
mom and baby sea lion
view of a tortoise through the trees
lizard grab n go
finch taking flight
Galapagos finch
Las Tijeretas Bay, San Cristobal
Darwin's Bay statue on Santa Cruz
Galapagos sunset
preparing for sea kayaking
floating platform of sea lions
Kayaking San Cristobal
Sea kayaking expedition in the Galapagos
Sea Lion Siesta
Frigate Bird, Cerro de las Tijeretas, San Cristobal
more Frigates in flight
Pablo, Guide Extraordinaire
I'm King of the World!!!
tortoise munching on leaves
tortoises interacting
I spy through the trees
Galapagos tortoise
Observe countless bird species in the Galapagos
Yellow Warbler
Buying some bananas from a roadside stand on San Cristobal
The Vet
snorkeling with sea lions
sea turtle diving deeper
Snorkeling, Kicker Rock, San Crisobal
male frigate struting his stuff
Curious sea lion
preening on the rocks
dun nun. . . dun nun
Bryde's Whale, San Cristobal
Sea lion soaking in some Galapagos sun
pensive pelican
Blue-Footed Booby
Kicker Rock, San Cristobal
The Teachers
The Professors
Teeny Plane to Isabela
Pilot & Co-Pilot
view from above the clouds
diving galapagos penguin
exploring Islote Tintoreras
vibrant colors of the fish
neon starfish
faceoff with a fish while snorkeling
stalking the fish for a photo
mirky waters
sea turtle resting on the bottom
blue-footed boobie looks on
posing boobie
iguanas warming on the rocks
Tropical Penguin
lizard piggybacking on iguana
Iguana Crossing, Isabela
School in Puerto Villamil, Isabela
Lava Gull, Isabela
iguana amid the algae
Fish Stand, Santa Cruz Island
tortoise hiding in the mirk
beautiful giant beasts
trying out the tortoise shell
tortoise push ups!
the vet and professors examine the specimens
Lava Tube, Santa Cruz
gourmet food. . . yum!
sally lightfoot crab
Turtle Roll!
baby tortoises
I can almost over there see!
Galapagos tortoise gorging on leaves
Is this a good pose for your picture?
Pedicure Wetsuit
Papparazzi Shot
Bob's Balancing Act
Theresa making friends with a San Cristobal Sea Lion
Me, Pablo, Godo and the gang
Our Galapagos Group Photo!

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