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Quito and Galapagos Trip \ Photos

A firgate bird grooms itself
An engaged blue-footed boobie
Easier to get in than out!
Angel sculpture
The streets of Quito
Police in Quito
Mitad del Mundo - the Equator!
Straddling the equator.  Left foot south!
A sea lion in the Galapagos
Tough guy
These things are FAST!
Our home at sea
Same to you, pal!
Pink flamingo
A frigate bird soars over the Galapagos landscape
The Galapagos
A napping sea lion
A red sunset
Sandy seal!
A sea lion barks - probably at me
Make sure you keep your bag closed!
A pair of blue footed boobies
Grooming on the rocks
Reptile on the rocks
A curious albatross
Preparing for flight
Who you callin booby?
What a view
Catching dinner
Birds over the sea
A typical sunrise
A flock of frigate
An iguana in the grass
Fluffed up
Our boat, the Angelique
Birds of the Galapagos
Preparing for flight
Looking down
What a life
Chick crossing the path
The gang.  Try riding here during a storm!
The frigate bird puffs up
Curious chick
The frigate bird in all its glory
Nap time
The frigate bird sails overhead
Soaring frigatebird
Heres lookin at YOU ...
We followed this one for a while
Walking on water?
My new sea lion friends in the Galapagos!

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