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Tortoises, Penguins & Sea Lions, Oh My! \ Photos

Hi there!
Get off my land!
You lookin at me?
View from our first hotel room
How did it turn out?  Should I smile next time?
I am so cute!
Blue Heron in the blue lagoon
Baby Blue Heron in the blue lagoon
Um, Simon, I think that is a kayak built for two
With our favorite tortoise
The late Lonesome George
A pair of Galapagos tortoises
Dee doing her best tortoise impression.  Good, huh?
Tortoise racing - the competition is fierce
This little leaf is delicious!
Land iguana in the Galapagos
Penguins - what else can I say?  They are so cute!
Blue-footed boobie
I will make you an offer you cannot refuse...
Hooray for baby sea lions!
I am sorry, I cannot take you home =(
Dude, I am so tired.  I will just rest here for a minute.
How many marine iguanas can you find?
No that is not the moon, it is Sierra Negra
Yes, I am in the back of a pickup truck
Horseback riding in the Galapagos
Simon & Dee on our last night in the Galapagos
Say goodbye to our little boat...
Interesting wine glasses, but cheers anyway!
We made it to 15,700 feet!!!

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