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Two Perspectives on Our Galapagos Journey \ Photos

Two Perspectives on Our Galapagos Journey
Quito, Ecuador- Photo taken from plane
Our yacht, Millennium, led us to many adventures.
Santa Cruz- "First Class" bus ride to Puerto Ayora
Rabida Island- The two of us on our hike
Rabida Island- Two sea lions on the beach
Rabida - Bump-head parrotfish that we saw while snorkeling
Bartolome - Leif standing at the top of the climb
Bartolome - Snorkeling from the Zodiak
Rare cactus w/ different colors due to pH levels in ground
Bartolome- Early morning hike up stairs
Plazas Sur - Panoramic of landscape
Plazas Sur- Tropic birds with chick
Plazas Sur- Land Iguana relaxing on a rock
Santa Fe Island- Snorkeling with sea lions
The Galapagos
Lobos Islet- Blue-footed booby
Lobos Islet- Leif posing on a rocky coast
Espanola- Territorial war between 2 families of mockingbirds
Fighting birds
Espanola- Snorkeling off the Zodiak
Espanola - Blue-footed boobies courting
Espanola- Nazca booby preening on rock
Espanola- Magnificent Albatross
Floreana Island- Female warbler snacking on a fly
Champions Islet- Up close and personal with a sea lion
Post Office Bay- Post office barrel
Champions Islet- Snorkeling off the Zodiak
Final Goodbye to Galapagos wildlife, a giant land tortoise

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